Southeast Asian Cusine Comes To North County

A well-traveled cook with an considerable resume is heading a kitchen of a new North County grill that will showcase a flavors of a Indonesia. Recent San Diego transplant Ryan Costanza spent a past year as executive of operations for two-Michelin starred cook Dominique Crenn, whose worshiped San Francisco restaurants embody a excellent dining flagship Atelier Crenn, a some-more infrequent Petit Crenn and an upcoming booze bar. While in a Bay Area, Costanza also worked with another two-Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Patterson (Coi), and before that, was a first executive cook alongside owner/chef Govind Armstrong at Armstrong’s Post Beam and Willie Jane in Los Angeles.

This weekend, Costanza will launch DIJA MARA in Oceanside, where it takes over a former Bessie’s cafeteria space. Owners Rob Jones and Simran Soin are longtime attention vets from Singapore, and recognised a grill as an paper to a island of Bali, one of their favorite places on earth.

Executive cook Ryan Costanza
Tristan Brickner

Costanza’s menu of Balinese-inspired California cuisine includes classical Indonesian dishes such as beef rendang, nasi goreng and satay finished in complicated and Instagrammable ways regulating internal produce, seafood and responsibly-sourced proteins. His take on rendang facilities Wagyu brief rib braised in a curry of uninformed turmeric, coconut, galangal, and kaffir orange served with a raise of marigold flowers and savoury gas and his satay skewers will be grilled over binchotan charcoal; a residence distillation module will furnish a accumulation of sambals, or sauces.

Tristan Brickner

Open Tuesday by Sunday for cooking from 5 to 10 p.m. DIJA MARA will eventually extend to offer lunch and weekend brunch. Its beverages operation from drink and cider to low ABV cocktails and a booze module that will stagger to underline natural/biodynamic booze producers.

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