Sonja Morgan Shows Off Her Scorching Body in a Teeny Bikini

Sonja Morgan is now roving a world: first, Dubai, and now Bali, with a stop during a island’s Alila Seminyak Beach Resort on a southwest coast. The Real Housewives of New York City beauty is breaking out her swimsuit for this leg of her tour — of course, Sonja’s vacations always feature bikinis

Sonja showed off her beach physique on Instagram Stories with a array of photos so her supporters could live vicariously by her outing to pleasant paradise. She wore a white floral bikini and tagged a code Helen Jon — it kind of looks like this halter tip and hipster set, in box we wish to duplicate Sonja’s Bali style. 

When a sunsets are this pretty, we gotta snap mixed pics. Then, Sonja started to explain her photos with arrows, writing: “That’s me HAPPY.” Who wouldn’t be happy on a beach like this? 

The subsequent print says: “That’s me after eating too much,” with that same lovable bikini. Hmm, we’re not saying any justification of that in this photo. Looks like those juices she was mixing adult in a Hamptons this deteriorate are working! 

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