Sleeping bapak narrowly escapes being buried by landslide in Bali, comes out with only an ankle injury

An aged male narrowly transient being buried alive by a landslide that strike on Monday dusk in North Bali. Lucky for a bapak, we Ketut Sedarya, his usually damage was apparently a damaged ankle.

The 70-year-old had been sleeping during his home in Munduk, Buleleng when a landslide was triggered, raining waste down onto his house.

The aged man’s feet got buried underneath a collapsing house, though his family was means to leave him and move him to Parama Sidhi sanatorium in Singaraja, reports said.

Buleleng Police Chief Insp. Suartika pronounced Sedarya’s home had been exposed to landslides given a construction plan by a Bali provincial supervision had been going on around a skill to waken a mark and make a barrier. Heavy rains, however, strike holes done for a construction, stuffing them, and eventually causing a collapse.


“The holes were not clever adequate to reason a water, causing a landslide. The land collapsed into a victim’s house. His leg was injured, allegedly broken, removing strike by materials from a building,” Suartika told Tribun Bali.

Sedarya and family are being asked to stay out of their home for a time being, until continue conditions improve, says Buleleng Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) head, Made Subur.

“For now, a residents are being asked to empty their house, for a consequence of security,” Subur told Nusa Bali on Monday evening.

“It is still raining heavily in a mountains. Our village hopes to sojourn observant and manageable to disasters, for those who live in areas with landslide potential. If there is complicated sleet for some-more than one hour, they should immediately immigrate and find a protected place,” Subur advised.

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