Single mom of Canadian 16-year-old Mekayla Bali still looking for her daughter on a two-year anniversary of her …

Security footage of Mekayla Bali during Tim Hortons RCMP

Corporal Rob Ruetz with a Historical Case Unit of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) reliable that military trust Mekayla visited a few businesses in a area, including Tim Hortons, formed on confidence footage and declare statements.

After looking during a confidence footage, Paula says she knew something was wrong.

“This is positively surprising function for her. [She] wasn’t a category skipper,” Paula told Dateline. “It seemed like she was watchful for someone.”

Security footage shows that Mekayla did not accommodate anyone during Tim Hortons. Rather, she looked around a parking lot and returned to school.

But she didn’t stay on a propagandize drift for long.

Paula says that dual of Mekayla’s friends would after tell her Mekayla texted them saying, “I need help.” That content was followed shortly by another, reading, “Don’t worry, we figured it out.” The friends pronounced they approaching to see her as common during lunch in a cafeteria, though confidence footage shows Mekayla had already left propagandize drift by then.

While Corporal Ruetz pronounced military do have footage of Mekayla from a propagandize to endorse she was there, and was regulating her phone, he pronounced he could not endorse either she had been texting her friends.

Mekayla afterwards walked roughly a mile to a Trail Stop Restaurant, that was connected to a train station. She arrived around 12 p.m., bought poutine for lunch and ate it there, according to a

statement from a RCMP. Corporal Ruetz pronounced there were no confidence cameras in a train hire or a restaurant, though that witnesses placed Mekayla there until 1:45 p.m., during that time they contend she left a restaurant.

Mekayla’s mom Paula told Dateline her daughter did not buy a train ticket. And she has not been seen or listened from since.

“We’ve followed adult on hundreds of tips, and are posterior leads in a investigation,” Corporal Ruetz told Dateline. He pronounced he could not endorse if there are suspects in a case, though did contend that a RCMP hopes to brand a masculine chairman of interest. That male was seen during a Trail Stop Restaurant during a same time as Mekayla and has a vast tattoo of a cranky on his forearm.

Sketch of tattoo on chairman of interest RCMP

Corporal Ruetz says a hunt has been comprised of many interviews, belligerent searches and research of Mekayla’s amicable media presence. “We’re still looking for a final information that can lead us to her,” he told Dateline.

There is a $25,000 (Canadian) prerogative for a protected lapse of Mekayla. On Saturday, dual years and dual days after Mekayla vanished, her family and friends hosted a advantage to boost a prerogative income in her case.

“Every day we have a wish that somebody’s gonna find Mekayla,” her mom told Dateline. “You don’t wish to feel like you’re usurpation that she’s not going to be behind .”

Mekayla Bali would be 18 years aged today. She is 5’2” with blue eyes and ash-blonde hair. If we have any information about Mekayla’s whereabouts, greatfully hit a Royal Canadian Mounted Police tip line during (639) 625-4100 .

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