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As we mentioned in a introduction post, we privately designed a outing around this flight. In Apr we had a best moody of my life on Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Tokyo Narita, with
a moody attendant that was simply
out-of-this-world spectacular. We’ve been in hold ever since, and we asked her to keep me updated about any US-bound flights she competence be working. In Jul we got an email from Janesis observant she was operative a Houston track in August, and there was no proceed we could spin down a event to fly with her again. Ideally we would have flown with her from Houston to Moscow given we would’ve been some-more watchful on that flight, nonetheless due to my news a Moscow to Singapore moody worked out better.

With my final outing news a few people pronounced “well of march she was amazing, we were a usually passenger.” This time around we had a scarcely full cabin and some other challenges, so take a demeanour during how this knowledge compares.

Singapore Airlines 61
Moscow (DME) – Singapore (SIN)
Monday, Jul 23
Depart: 3:20PM
Arrive: 5:45AM (+1 day)

Duration: 10hr25min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 1D (First Class)

At around 3PM boarding finally began, and we was certain we were among a initial aboard. They use dual jet bridges in Moscow, so we boarded by doorway 1L, where there was zero other than Janesis watchful to hail us. Despite a fact that we “know” any other flattering good during this indicate she initial addressed me by final name, nonetheless we fast asked her to usually call me “Ben” to make things a bit easier.

She was her common extraordinary self, and as shortly as we sat down pronounced “Mr. Ben, would we like a splash to start off a flight? Perhaps a potion of Krug or Diet Coke with lemon?” A moody attendant that knows both my champagne
and soothing splash welfare yet me ever carrying told her? we responded with “wow,” and she pronounced “I’ve been doing my research.” we asked for a potion of Krug, that was shortly served.

Remember on a final moody how we pronounced it’s a little touches that make a Singapore moody amazing? Here’s a initial good touch, that is accurately a same thing Janesis did on my final moody with her. As shortly as she served me a splash she brought over a in-flight supervisor, Ivy, to broach her, and sensitive us of a moody time of 9hr30min. And afterwards she did a same thing with a heading steward, Toon. It’s humorous how things work out sometimes, given together they were a 3 best moody attendants that could presumably be staffing a cabin.

It’s engaging to note that Ivy is usually one of a few dozen womanlike in-flight supervisors during Singapore Airlines, as we found out after in a moody (because of all my Singapore flights we had never seen a womanlike in-flight administrator — usually an engaging note, we figured).

Janesis served me a potion of Krug, and afterwards offering me pajamas, an amenity kit, slippers, eyeshades, socks, and a menu for a flight.

My seat, 1D


And afterwards she presented my crony and we any with one of these:


She’s utterly a artist, isn’t she? Just demeanour during a courtesy to fact on that. Simply incredible.

Over a subsequent 15 mins 5 of a other 6 seats in initial category filled up, and it unequivocally wasn’t an easy crowd. There was a alloy who apparently had a chair change during a embankment that he wasn’t too happy about, and an comparison Russian man with a mother maybe 30 years younger than him who usually couldn’t moment a smile. Despite that it was extraordinary to see a beauty with that they were served, and during a finish of a moody we even overheard a alloy tell a organisation it was a best moody of his life!

As depart time rolled around a captain came on a PA to announce a moody time of 9hr30min, that he approaching would put us into Singapore on-time, and we pushed behind shortly thereafter. The reserve video began to play, and we began a rather prolonged cab to a runway. As distant as I’m endangered we could have taxied all a proceed to Singapore if it meant being means to demeanour out a window during all a overwhelming Russian airplanes a whole way. we switched to chair 2A (the usually dull seat) for cab and takeoff.

I played a turn of “wait a second, is that a Tupolev 204 or 757?” all a proceed to a runway (Google a planes to see what I’m articulate about).

Traffic during Moscow

I was generally preoccupied by Transaero, that contingency have one of a many different fleets of any airline. Upon alighting in Singapore we had a demeanour during what their cabins looked like. Take a demeanour at
their “Imperial Class” on a 777-300ER. It creates Emirates initial category demeanour low key. Anyone know of a proceed to redeem miles for Transaero initial class?

Transaero fleet

Barbie’s private jet?

Transaero 777

Hmm, is that a former United 737?

View of terminal

Once we done it to a runway we were immediately privileged for takeoff, and had a flattering high stand until about 15,000 feet, during that indicate a seatbelt pointer was incited off.

View on stand out

View on stand out

I immediately altered into my pajamas, and here’s another little hold that differentiates a good organisation from a good crew. As we exited a shower Ivy was there watchful with a garments hanger, and insisted on unresolved it adult for me. There’s not unequivocally anywhere else to store clothes, and this organisation was all about expecting needs.

At this indicate Janesis came around to take dish orders. The cooking menu review as follows:

While a menu sounded good, I’ll contend upfront that a catering out of Moscow was flattering bad. It’s many unequivocally not a crew’s error and we consider not even Singapore’s error to some degree. Some airports usually broach improved peculiarity dishes than others (for example, my moody from Singapore to Frankfurt had a best catering I’ve ever had on any airline).

Service began with a Diet Coke with lemon and churned nuts.

Diet Coke with lemon and churned nuts

Next a list was set. Instead of usually handing me a napkin with silverware in it (like on a before flight), Toon set a list with a flare and blade placed by a side of a image correctly, and a napkin served artistically.

Table setup

For a starter we comparison salmon, that was too tainted and greasy for my tastes. we felt like we was unsatisfactory Janesis when we didn’t finish it, given Singapore crews take good honour in a food they serve, in my experience.

Gravalax salmon with dill and Greek character immature vegetables

I skipped a soup, nonetheless my crony had a fennel cream soup.

Fennel cream soup with mint, parched scallop and little pasta

The subsequent march was salad.

Mache and tomato with radish

For a categorical march we had comparison a prawns. Again, it wasn’t generally good — a prawns were little and bland. we was feeling awful about not finishing a courses, as this is something that’s totally outward of a crew’s control.

Prawns with saffron sauce, broccoli, fungus and new potato

For dessert we comparison a macaroon, that was

Large pistachio macaroon with timberland berry compote


My crony had a ice cream with cherries and nuts for dessert.

Coupe Jubilee

Service finished with some chocolates. Take a demeanour during a presentation:


Despite a fact that a food was a bit disappointing, a use was simply spectacular. What we desired about Janesis a initial time we flew with her was how frank and friendly she is. I’ve been on flights where a use is good nonetheless we can tell a moody attendant isn’t frank and is usually going by a “motions.”

It’s apparent that Janesis loves what she does and loves creation people smile. And her grin is infectious, so it seems flattering easy for her to do.

But not usually was she fantastic, yet Ivy and Toon were also amazing. Toon was operative a galley for many of a flight, nonetheless whenever we interacted with him he was smiling and
extremely polished.

And Ivy was a
fantastic in-flight supervisor. The many unsatisfactory aspect of several Singapore Airlines flights I’ve taken newly is a in-flight supervisor, trust it or not. They’ve dark in a galley and have taken a “hands off” approach. Ivy was accurately a opposite. She was so friendly and benefaction that as a newcomer we wouldn’t even know she was a in-flight supervisor, that is how it should be in my opinion.

While we was anticipating to be adult for many of a moody given that Janesis was operative it, we was passed sleepy during this indicate and conked out roughly immediately, after not removing all that many nap from Houston to Moscow. We had about 7hr30min compartment Singapore, and we managed to nap for a plain 4 hours.

Turndown service

When we woke adult we didn’t see any moody attendants, nonetheless headed to a lavatory. When we returned dual mins after my bed was once again “made.” we remember when my hermit flew Singapore Airlines initial category for a initial time, and he told me how he suspicion a moody attendants had laser vision. And it’s true, even when we don’t see them, they somehow see you. we can’t explain it, yet it never ceases to stir me.

But equally sparkling was a pleasing arrangement that Janesis and a rest of a organisation had set adult for any passenger, as she did on my final flight, including a “paper flower,” rug of personification cards, postcards, Singapore alighting form, and a pleasing card.


Here’s a closer demeanour during a card, that was totally handmade:

Card from a crew

Absolutely amazing. My favorite partial was saying a greeting of a other passengers, who desired it as well. Janesis was on rest during this indicate of a flight, so Ivy was “on duty.” She asked if we wanted anything to drink, and we systematic some tea.


I was also offering something from a break menu, nonetheless we wasn’t hungry. Here’s a break menu, though:

At this indicate we was far-reaching watchful so motionless to watch a few sitcoms on a party system. One of a shows we saw was “The Secrets of Everything,” that we theory is a BBC homogeneous of “Mythbusters.” It’s not mostly that we criticism on a specific party selections on a moody given it has zero to do with a airline, yet a uncover was so f*$^# up! One of a theories they tested was “what does tellurian strength ambience like?” so a man has a partial of his strength cut out so it can be examined, and afterwards they can make something that would ambience allied from pork/beef/chicken (since cannibalism is illegal). Then they tested either a swell wave could kill you. They tested that by dropping a bloody, passed large in a pool. What the…?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, about 90 mins before to alighting a breakfast use began.

Airshow during a start of breakfast

The breakfast menu review as follows:

The use started with creatively squeezed juice, tea, water, and a fruit plate.

Fruit plate

Breakfast presentation

There were also all kinds of croissants and pastries in a bread basket.

Croissant and pastry

For a subsequent march we systematic strawberry yogurt.

Strawberry yogurt

And my crony systematic muesli.


For a categorical march we systematic scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs

My crony systematic syrniki, that were lodge cheese cutlets with berry compote and churned cream. we had a punch of them and they were unequivocally good, so we rarely suggest them if you’re drifting this route.


Once again a use via breakfast was spectacular. As we began a skirmish we altered behind into my jeans and a t-shirt, and a organisation asked if we could stay for a few mins after a moody given they had a warn for us.

After a well-spoken skirmish and touchdown we done it to a embankment a few mins early, during around 5:30AM. We waited for a initial and business category cabin to dull out a bit, that authorised me to snap a few cinema of a initial category cabin.

First category cabin

First category cabin

First category cabin

The warn was a 3D, handmade “certificate” for any of us, as shown below:

Certificate from crew

I don’t consider a design can do it justice, given any minute was handmade and “3D,” so it stranded off a page.

And by renouned demand, subsequent is a design of a extraordinary crew:

Janesis (left), Ivy (center), and Toon (right)

Here’s a bit of a trivia doubt — can anyone theory for how many years Ivy has been with Singapore Airlines? I’ll exhibit a answer in a comments territory subsequent as shortly as someone gets it.

This moody was simply spectacular, one of a best of my life. Despite a muted catering and scarcely full cabin, a organisation was
incredible. While we can try to feign good service, we can’t feign use from a heart, that all 3 organisation members delivered. we can usually wish to finish adult on another one of their flights sometime.

Janesis stays one of a many sincere, charming, and certain people we know. we betrothed her cooking a subsequent time she has a layover in a US, regardless of where it is. we can usually wish some-more of we have a event to fly with her.

One Mile during a Time, a
BoardingArea Blog

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