Seven South African pass accessible countries with lapse flights starting from R10 000 or less

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Sure, we all know a partner or 10 who have left to Bali and who only can’t stop going on about how good it was. We know it’s cheap. We know it’s South African-passport friendly, though that’s frequency all there is to a world.

We’ve picked 7 tellurian destinations with singular visa hassles for South Africans (either visa-free, visa on attainment or an e-visa process) that are all tolerably affordable to transport to.

For flights, we used TravelStart with a customary date operation of 19-30 Jun 2017 (enitrely pointless selection). All flights are vacating from Johannesburg and prices scold during a time of writing. For expenses, we used a multiple of and Lonely Planet.

*All visa information scold during a time of writing, however, these are theme to change so greatfully check with internal embassies before embarking on your journey.


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India contingency arrange adult there as one of a many implausible places on a world to visit. From a enlightenment to food and all in between, it’s a contingency on a bucket list. Plus, who needs Bali when you’ve got Goa?

Flights: Rwanda Air and Kenya Airways both offer options for underneath R6000. Or we can opt for Etihad for about R6500 return.
Accomodation: If you’re not looking for anything fancy, we can get a double room for between R300 – R700 a night.
Food: Expect to compensate around R150 per dish ad a mid-range establishment.
Visa: E-visa required.

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Majestic landscapes and a hold of European light though a schlep (and expense) of a Schengen visa.

Flights: Under R10 000 on Etihad or Emirates
Accomodation: A dorm room will set we behind about R200 a night, while a double room in a some-more costly hotel is turn R800 and a night.
Food: The sell rate is not your crony here, so design to compensate around R200 for a dish in a pub or cafe.
Visa: None required

Great Migration | Photograph by Dinesh Naduvil . Known as one of a good migrations of wildlife, wildebeest cranky a Mara stream in Maasai Mara, Kenya. — Today we’re featuring @natgeoyourshot photographs comparison for @natgeo March’s “Photo of a Day.” To see more, go to #YourShotPhotographer

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Sure, we’ve got all a wildlife a Kenyan brethren have, though training about other cultures and saying new places is a piquancy of life, right?

Flights: Ethiopian airlines offers lapse flights for R4700
Accomodation: Kenya is a traveller breakwater with a immeasurable wildlife and it shows in a accomodation prices. Hostels and camping are cheaper during an normal of R250 a night, though anything in a midrange hotel will set we behind over R1000 a night.
Food: Some of a internal restaurants can be inexpensive – and we can get some good provender for underneath R100 a meal.
Visa: None if your revisit is shorter than 30 days.


The ancient city of #Sigiriya Location: Sigiriya . . Please follow @srilankadaily a #1 source for extraordinary cinema from Sri lanka #srilanka #srilankadaily #iamlanka

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Sri Lanka offers overwhelming landscapes, pleasing beaches, and mouthwatering food… divided from a hordes of Bali and other renouned traveller traps.

Flights: Cathay Pacific can get we there for underneath R10 000, though a outing has a legnthy stop over in Hong Kong… that is not a misfortune thing given we don’t need a visa to revisit here possibly and we could theoretically cocktail out for a consternation around.
Food: You can get some mud cheap, internal food in some tools of Sri Lanka and we meant inexpensive – R30 for a good curry.
Accomodation: Guesthouses start from as inexpensive as R150 per night, though that’s though any bells an whistles. Nicer spots are about R400 a night.

مزارع السمك في لنكاوي

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Lonely Planet describes Malaysia as being “like dual countries”, halved by a South China Sea. From tea plantations to chill out islands, furious jungles, and slab peaks… this nation has something for everyone.

Flights: Ethopian Air and Etihad both have deals for underneath R9000. Or, improved yet, go around Singapore for R8900 per person.
Food:  R200 for a simple dish and a simple restaurant.
Accommodation: Mid-range hotels start during around R350.
Visa: No visa for stays adult to 90 days.

Virunga’s rangers are dedicated to safeguarding a park, home to a entertain of a world’s race of critically involved towering gorillas. Their pursuit comes with good risks, and their aplomb is truly inspirational. Over a subsequent 5 weeks we are lifting supports that will capacitate a park to support a families of rangers for decades to come. Click a couple in a bio for serve details. #virunga #congo #conservation #mountaingorilla #gorilla #wildlifephotography #babyanimals #animalbabies #protectanimals

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Rwanda emerged from a horrific genocide to turn one of a continent’s many fast nations. From a gorillas in a bamboo forests and a Virunga volcanoes, a “Land of a Thousand Hills” is mesmerizing.

Flights: You can get a lapse moody to Rwanda on Kenya Airways for R3200.
Food: A mid-range grill will set we behind around R180 per meal.
Accommodation: Mid-range hotels start during around R550 for a double room.
Visa: Visa on arrival

#MSCSinfonia will take a good tour by a treasures of a Indian Ocean, like a Seychelles. #MSCGrandVoyages

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Certainly not a cheapest choice on a list when it comes to accommodation, though a topaz waters on this pleasant bliss will be value each penny. There are 115 islands sparse in a Indian Ocean, so do your investigate before environment off.

Flights: Air Seychelles runs unchanging flights for underneath R7000.
Food: You can self-cater for around R100 a day
Accommodation: It’s not inexpensive to stay here, and because would we design it to be with these views? Guesthouse double bedrooms start during about R900 a night.
Visa: No visa required.

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