“BALINESE cooking is easy. Just relax and have a good time,” starts Agung Darma Wijaya with a calming grin a impulse he arrives during a categorical table.

The Puri Santrian Beach Resort’s executive prepared contingency have beheld my excitability while he was putting on his disposable top and apron.

Unlike a rest of a assured few in a group, we feel like a finish novice. Cooking has never been my forte. The steer of all those unadulterated woks surrounded by orderly built cosmetic containers filled with reduction is rather daunting. we urge tough that we will not make a dope of myself today.

At a same time, we flog myself for signing adult for this during a feverishness of a impulse after returning from a outing to Sindhu marketplace progressing in a morning. Even before dawn, this normal selling area, famous for a uninformed fruits and vegetables, was a hive of activity. The ever benefaction aroma of uninformed spices and spices wafting in a still morning atmosphere was simply delightful. The whole place felt like

an open atmosphere spa!

After shower in a atmosphere and scrutinising a many opposite forms of uninformed produce, we was naturally desirous to, during a unequivocally least, learn to prepared a normal Balinese image and hopefully be means to replicate it when we get home. My solve during that indicate in time was unwavering, to contend a least.


Fortunately, my fears start to waste once a cooking category starts in earnest. Wijaya’s transparent clear instructions and accessible feeling spin a interactive cooking category into an spontaneous and fun

half-day session.

Extensive knowledge allows him to facilely trip in comical anecdotes while during a same time relocating his assembly to grasp a essentials of Balinese cuisine. The lesson, reason outdoor underneath the

protective shade of soaring casuarinas, with a cold zephyr entrance in from a lifelike Sanur beach nearby, starts with a credentials of Bumbu Bali.

“Do we all wish to know a pivotal to artistic Balinese cuisine?” Wijaya astonishing exclaims. Needless to say, we all curtsy a heads in unison. “When cooking Balinese food, it’s of pinnacle significance to take special caring when scheming a Bumbu Bali that is a simple sauce,” he begins, before adding:

“Bumbu Bali, that forms an essential partial of roughly all dishes, consists of a multiple of standard Balinese reduction including galangal, turmeric, candlenuts, shrimp, salam leaves, chilli, shrimp pulp and palm sugar.”

Pointing to a ingredients, Wijaya explains that Puri Santrian places importance on organic produce. “We go to good lengths to make certain that a reduction we use in a restaurants are grown naturally and are giveaway from damaging chemicals.”

I dull a enclosure filled with a reduction delicately onto my trebuchet before starting work with a pestle. “Move your pestle in a continual round motion. Stop usually after a reduction have

been reduced to a well-spoken paste,” Wijaya calls out as he starts inspecting a efforts.

The initial few mins spin out to be rather fun yet after that my muscles start to feel a strain. For some irregular reason, a pieces of candlenut, ginger, shallots and turmeric stubbornly exclude to blend.

My annoyance is compounded a few mins after when Wijaya announces: “This lady is a natural. Very good!” Like a rest, we demeanour adult to see a prime Japanese lady lucent from ear to ear.

Determined not to be left out, we lapse to my charge with renewed vigour. Sadly though, even that tapers off a tiny later.

Just when I’m about to renounce myself to a fact that we can't cook, Wijaya astonishing appears by my side. It seems that he has been watching my actions for some time. “Do not usually pierce your pestle in a same direction. You get things finished faster by varying your movements,” he suggests before relocating on to attend to a Caucasian male subsequent to me who appears to share my predicament.

The chef’s useful idea works like a charm. The subsequent few mins we find myself happily sauteing a pulp in a prohibited wok. Confidently, we start putting in dejected lemongrass and salam base together with a tiny bit of H2O before permitting a reduction to cook for 10 minutes.

“Your Balinese Bumbu is prepared now. Remove it from a wok and set aside to cool. By a way, we can representation your work of adore with a fish crackers on your table,” announces Wijaya before revelation us to start scheming for a subsequent object on a menu.

Expecting a disaster, we apprehensively cocktail a half-filled cracker into my mouth. The outcome is zero brief of surprising. My Balinese Bumbu is unequivocally delicious! Wijaya’s recommendation to go delayed on a ambience contrast comes too late. By then, I’d already finished 3 some-more pieces!

Now that I’ve got a hang of things, scheming a second image seems comparatively easy. we zephyr by a stairs in creation Pepes Ikan. The internal red limp slices used to make Pepes Ikan are unequivocally fresh. The belligerent piquancy pulp that is essentially done adult of galangal, kencur base and turmeric gives a organisation fish strength a charming orange tinge. Prior to jacket all adult in uninformed banana leaves, Wijaya reminds us to embody a tomato, red chilli and lemongrass garnish.

“Also remember to make your possess personal markings on a banana leaves. These can be in a form of ripped portions of a leaves or damaged off tools of a toothpicks used to reason a leaves in place. Otherwise, all a Pepes Ikan will demeanour some-more or reduction a same when they come out from

the steamer,” quips Wijaya while clearing his table.

Taking advantage of a astonishing breather, we expel my gawk during a cerulean sea fringing a south eastern seashore of Bali. Sanur Beach, that borders a resort, is a renouned traveller finish famous for a white sandy beaches and pretentious sunsets. It positively forms a ideal backdrop for this cooking class.


A few moments later, a event resumes. “The subsequent object on a list is Bumbu Ayam. This is going to unequivocally easy to prepare,” reassures Wijaya. “All we need is a tablespoon of a Balinese Bumbu

you prepared progressing and brew it good with a pre-prepared shredded chicken. As for a other reduction in a container, usually put them in. No harsh is compulsory this time.”

The Bumbu Ayam image is prepared to be served after permitting a reduction to cook in coconut divert until many of a glass apportionment has already evaporated. we learn that creatively squeezed orange juice

is infrequently combined to supplement incense and flavour.

The doctrine ends with a credentials of a renouned Sate Ayam. After skewering a cooking duck strips, we all have a good time during a circuitously temporary grill. Before long, a atmosphere is filled with

the smashing smell of grilled meat.

By this time, my notice of a cooking category has changed. Gone are a apprehensions and fears. Instead we find a comfortable feeling of success and achievement. This experience, that feeds both a mind and soul, is an glorious introduction to Balinese culture.

The impulse of law arrives when we conduct off to Puri Santrian’s beach-side coffee residence to representation a creations. The whole restaurant, including a intricately-woven image mats on a table, shouts Balinese elegance. Coupled with a illusory perspective of a sea and soothing gamelan song personification in a background, we feel like I’m in paradise.

We can frequency recognize a creations when they arrive. The kitchen group has organised all so attractively that a food looks as good as it tastes. During a meal, everybody concurs that attending this cooking category had been time well-spent. Like me, they all put divided their changed records for vigilance with a goal of scheming a same image for their desired ones behind home.

The Puri Santrian cooking category rigourously comes to an finish when Wijaya presents any of us with a certificate. “You’re all now approved Balinese cooks. Go home and uncover your families your culinary prowess. And… don’t forget that we all learnt it all from me!” he adds, eyes dancing in jest.

Go to for details.


(Bumbu Bali)

Makes one portion



1 vast chilli

1 clove garlic

3 red shallots

Half of a tiny red chilli

Half square tiny candlenut

Pinch of nutmeg (ground)

Small square of ginger

Small square of kencur root

Small square of turmeric

Small square of galangal

½ tsp tamarind puree

½ tsp palm sugar

1tbsp salad or peanut oil

Shrimp paste


Lemongrass (crushed)

Salam leaf

l00ml water


1. Clean all ingredients.

2. Chop all reduction and grub until smooth.

3. Add “A” to a prohibited pot and sautè.

4. Add “B” and cook for l0 mins or until a H2O has evaporated.

5. Use as indispensable (only in tiny quantities).

Chef’s note: This pulp brew can keep for adult to dual weeks in a fridge supposing there is an oil coating.


(Fish wrapped in banana leaf)

Makes about one portion

150g limp or sword fish


6 whole shallots, sliced

3 cloves garlic, sliced

1g turmeric, chopped

1g kencur root, chopped

1g galangal, chopped

1 whole tiny chilli, sliced

2 sprigs lemon basil, sliced

1 petiole lemongrass, sliced


½ tbsp tamarind pulp

1 tbsp salad oil

1 tsp orange juice

½ tsp shrimp paste

Salt to taste

For a garnish

2 slices tomato

2 slices vast red chilli

1 petiole lemongrass bruised

1 salam leaf


1. In a tiny play vanquish reduction A with a behind of a ladle until totally bruised.

2. Add partial B and mix.

3. Add fish and mix.

4. Lay dual pieces of banana base prosaic and put a ornament in initial and afterwards a fish mixture. Roll and bind a ends with toothpicks.

More bali ...

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