Seamless transitions from indoors to out

Enjoying a uninformed outside atmosphere customarily involves withdrawal home altogether. But during a Landmark on Robson towers designed for a site of a now-closed Empire Landmark Hotel in a West End, homeowners will be means to travel from indoors to out but ever withdrawal a comfort of their vital space.

The transition from any condominium’s vital room to a patio is built so uniformly it feels like an prolongation of a indoor space and is only one instance of a minimalist, ‘barely-there’ proceed to pattern that is a hallmark of Koichiro Ikebuchi, a eminent principal of Atelier Ikebuchi.

Under comfortable timber patio ceilings and a preserve from a atmospheric patio above, homeowners will be means to suffer 270-degree views of a city and mountains.

An artist’s digest of a home during Landmark on Robson. [PNG Merlin Archive]


“We consider that a tie with a outdoor is a really critical component for interior design,” says Ikebuchi, who is formed in Singapore. Atelier Ikebuchi’s hotel, sell and grill pattern work is famous worldwide for a patience and elegance, characteristics that conclude a interiors of ASNA Robson Landmark Holdings’ designed towers.

Ikebuchi says there are no discipline for selecting taste that’s suitable for possibly indoors or out. Rather, he focuses on erotic practice for a homeowner.

“There is no rule, since any lifestyle is singly individual. The critical thing is how we wish to suffer a uninformed air. [Feeling] a atmosphere and a breeze directly is a genuine delight here.”

Ikebuchi is accustomed to operative in fantastic settings in oppulance residences, blurb spaces and hotels in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, a Maldives and Bali, to name a few. Since a interior engineer launched Atelier Ikebuchi in 2004, he’s been famous and reputable worldwide for his pointing and artistry, his Japanese-design change and architectural training. He is clinging to neutrals and accents desirous by healthy settings that approximate any project: for a Uma Ubud hotel in Bali, for instance, he used a aged timber from that area. In Vancouver, his honour for vicinity extends to his welcome of a view.

“The materials are as critical as a pleasing design. We select delicately a peculiarity of healthy materials especially since they give a genuine peculiarity to a space [that will last] for the long term.

“We trust that high finish doesn’t indispensably means high cost,” he continues. “It’s some-more of high peculiarity and high sense. We know that a peculiarity is materialized from profitable tighten courtesy to a detailing and element selection.”

Landmark on Robson

What: At sum of 237 suites in dual petrify highrise towers of 34 and 32 storeys assimilated by a lectern that houses a amenities, with views of Coal Harbour and English Bay
Where: 1400 Robson Street

Residence sizes and prices: One-bedroom and flex: 584 – 597 sq.ft.; two-bedroom and flex: 1,028 – 1,115 sq. ft.; three-bedroom and flex: 1,576 – 1,623 sq. ft., including balconies that magnitude a smallest of 182 block feet. Prices on request.

Developer and builder: ASNA Robson Landmark Holdings Ltd.

Sales centre address: 740 Nicola Street

Centre hours: By appointment only

Telephone: 604-566-2288














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