Roughriders QB intercepts Sask. family’s grill bill

A family of Roughriders super fans have some-more reasons to hearten after a possibility run-in with Brandon Bridge during a Regina restaurant.

“I was still shaking, we was so nervous,” 10-year-old fan Carter Allan-Kuntz recalled.


The Kuntz family had collected Tuesday night to applaud a lapse of a cousin from Bali. When Bridge, his girlfriend, and descent lineman Josiah St. John entered a grill to place a take-out order, heads started to turn.

Riders’ Brandon Bridge aims to change perceptions about Canadian QBs

“Me and (my cousin) Dylan were all like ‘should we go get an designation or stay here?’” Carter recalled.

“We kept articulate about it,” seven-year-old Dylan Allan added.

“We unequivocally wanted an designation and picture.”

The boys eventually mustered some bravery and got their wish, while their grandma, Marney, common a intense review with a quarterback famous as ‘Air Canada’.

“He’s only such a friendly guy,” Marney Kuntz pronounced with a smile. “I pronounced ‘I consider you’re doing awesome! Please don’t leave a Riders!’”

In scarcely 50 years of following a immature and white, Marney Kuntz had never had such a personal communication with a player. She suspicion a pleasing difference would be a finish of a interaction.

But a shocker came when a check didn’t.

As it incited out, Bridge picked adult a add-on for a whole family- scarcely 30 people.

The Kuntz family was celebrating a lapse of a cousin from training in Bali.

The Kuntz family was celebrating a lapse of a cousin from training in Bali.

Kuntz family / Contributed

“He walked out and we were only kind of station there with a mouth open since we were in shock,” Kuntz combined with a laugh. “We didn’t design that!”

A day later, a organisation is still a small starstruck. Dylan and Carter flow over a photos, marveling during Bridge’s height, and devise how they’ll showcase their sealed napkins.

Most importantly, they devise to compensate it forward.

“The Kuntz family is doing a collection and we’re going to present it to a food bank in Brandon’s name,” Marney Kuntz announced. “We unequivocally conclude what he did.”

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