Ride a Bali jungle with Anton Thelander

Anton, how come we motionless to float in Bali?
Thelander: I’ve been there once though we done a mistake of not bringing my bike, so we motionless it was time to float Bali for real. I’m happy we did it, it was a unequivocally good trip. we also realised that I’ll never turn a pro surfer, haha.

What’s adult with a protocol with a rice? What did a priest do?
It’s indeed a recovering ritual. we sat down and a priest started by pulling on these trigger points in my hand, afterwards there was a series of recovering oils and afterwards some chanting. Not certain what they were all for though it was nice. In a end, a rice was trustworthy to a oil. To be honest that partial done me a many curious, though it’s all about respecting a protocol secrets… right?

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