Review: Hoshinoya Bali – Ubud

Recently we lonesome a Hoshinoya skill in Tokyo, a ryokan-style business hotel that creates an engaging choice to customary sequence hotels in a area. We also spent some time during a Hoshinoya review in Ubud, Bali. While this isn’t a business focused hotel, if you’ve got some time during a tail finish of a business outing to Bali it can be a good approach to tell and decompress.

Join us as we try a Japanese brand’s Bali skill and what it has to offer.

Location and Impressions

Located in a renouned segment of Ubud, that is lucky by those seeking surrounds that are a tiny some-more relaxed than a dispatch and discord of Bali’s some-more mad destinations, a Hoshinoya Bali styles itself as a review village.

Getting to a Hoshinoya Bali from a categorical Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar takes around 90 mins to cover a 50km distance.

As Hoshino Resorts’ initial hotel outward Japan, a Hoshinoya Bali is considerably opposite to what you’d pattern to see during their Japanese properties, though follows a same truth of infusing internal enlightenment into each aspect of your stay – we positively gifted this in a Hoshinoya Tokyo’s ryokan-like setting, and we get a identical feeling of flawlessness and informative recognition during a Bali property.

Ubud offers adult copiousness of oppulance accommodation, so a Hoshinoya Bali set out to heed itself – located about a 25-minute expostulate from executive Ubud, and perched on a hilltop, a Hoshinoya Bali puts satisfaction and decrease above all else.

An aerial perspective provides glimpses of a Hoshinoya Bali’s layout

The pattern of a review encampment is centred on three, vast pools that offer guest and their villas semi-private entrance to a pools though slicing we off from a rest of a hotel. The Pakerisan stream runs nearby, and you’ll also hear a sounds of a normal subak irrigation complement – H2O is really most a vast partial of a Hoshinoya Bali’s altogether environment.


There are a few opposite villa forms on offer, trimming in distance from 208sqm to 187sqm. The villas come in 3 flavours, with certain forms geared some-more towards opposite styles of decrease – for example, a Villa Bulan choice facilities a poolside vital room with a projecting rug that lets we relax by a H2O all day, while Villa Jalak offers overwhelming views over a jungle, with far-reaching balconies to take advantage of a healthy setting.

In any case, a Hoshinoya Bali pairs these Villa forms with minimal confusion and normal Balinese design accentuated with a Japanese touch, formulating a relaxing alloy of a dual styles.

Inside you’ll find intricately forged Balinese art done by internal craftsmen…

…low futon beds (the Japanese character of futon, not a standard lounge bed we might be meditative of)…

…and elementary furniture.

While there are Bluetooth speakers provided, don’t pattern to see a radio in your villa – an distinct choice deliberation a ambience they’re going for, though maybe not to everyone’s taste.

The frugally flashy (but well-sized) bathrooms are kitted out with his-and-hers sinks, a vast bath cylinder and a shower. 


At a Hoshinoya Bali, there are copiousness of options to try when it comes to holding it easy. While we can stay in your villa and laze by a pool…

…our recommendation is to try a Café Gazebos – a array of cushioned jungle perches.

From high on up, you’ll be means to lay back, relax and suffer some snacks and drinks while holding in a view. 

You can also commence excursions to circuitously beaches endorsed by a hotel, or attend in informative activities if that’s some-more your speed.

There’s also a good versed spa…

…with treatments that incorporate healthy ingredients, poolside meditations, and morning and dusk yoga sessions.


The Hoshinoya Bali offers adult a series of opposite dining practice – try an authentic Balinese breakfast while looking out over a treetops…

…and afterwards graze on some snacks high above a jungle during Café Gazebo.

For a special treat, a cooking during a Hoshinoya’s grill can’t be missed. You’ll try mixed dishes, all with a alloy of Japanese and Balinese influences. We start off with an entertain bouche with hints of lemongrass…

…followed by tuna tataki with sambal…

…and a consomme of Kaffir lime, foie gras, eggplant and banana dengaku.

Next adult was a Wagyu beef tenderloin beef with Balinese condiments….

…and a plate that a Hosinoya dubs a ‘Eight Kinds of Micro Menu’, consisting of 8 tiny dishes including mackarel and paprika, conger fish cake, crispy Sakura shrimp, duck and tempe manis, okra and mentaiko, cashew bulb cream and salmon, shrimp with mango mayonnaise, tofu mousse and century egg.

If you’re after something different, we can also conduct into city for Mozaic, a rarely regarded French grill with a lush, open setting.

Our tip if you’re streamer to a Hoshinoya Bali is to also arrange your possess motorist (or self-drive if you’re comfortable) as a hotel is around 25 mins divided from executive Ubud. While a Hoshinoya does yield a convey service, it usually operates 4 times per day, that can extent your movements. 

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