Restaurants respond to salary travel with dining surcharge – The San Diego Union

The subsequent time we ramble into Sammy’s Wood-Fired Pizza for a burrata and pesto pie, indulge in a shrimp-filled bucket during Rockin’ Baja Lobster, or confirm to splurge on beef tenderloin during George’s during a Cove, don’t be astounded to see an combined assign when your check arrives.

Girding for a second smallest salary travel in 6 months and a fourth in 2-½ years, many of San Diego’s full-service restaurants are introducing for a initial time an normal surcharge of 3 percent of a meal’s cost to assistance cover increasing labor losses that some operators contend volume to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a singular year.

Thanks to voters’ capitulation final Jun of a magnitude to boost a compensate of a city’s lowest-paid workers, a city of San Diego’s smallest salary will burst from $10.50 an hour to $11.50, starting today. Statewide, a hourly compensate will arise from $10 to $10.50 for businesses with some-more than 25 employees.

Hoping to safety what restaurateurs insist are already skinny distinction margins, owners contend they’ve attempted pleat losses and slicing hours, as good as lifting prices. They eventually resolved that a dining open would improved endure a assign during a finish of a check than continued cost hikes on a menu.

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