Restaurant review: If it’s Asian food we seek, conduct toward Moy’s


If you’re in a mood for authentic Mandarin and Cantonese food, Moy’s Restaurant is a place to go.

Just a discerning 40-minute expostulate from Janesville, Moy’s sits in a heart of downtown Elkhorn only opposite a travel from Veterans Park. It has been voted a best Asian grill in Walworth County for 6 uninterrupted years, so we knew we had to check this place out.

We were now bewitched by a beautiful, aged section building and, on entry, we were seated in a vast dining area with comfortable bullion walls and immature carpeting accented with terra cotta décor. It was an mouth-watering atmosphere. Our waitress explained Moy’s has been in existence for 36 years and initial started out as a hotel. The hotel’s explain to celebrity was that John F. Kennedy stayed there before he became boss of a United States.

As we staid in, we skipped over a fun outlandish drinks in welfare of a some-more normal cold continue option: Moy’s dainty residence tea blend. The prohibited black tea was only right.

Looking over a menu, we were unexpected dreaming by a fiery tray superfluous with finger food en track to a adjacent table. Intrigued, we asked a server about it and detected it was a multiple appetizer. We didn’t give it a second thought; this we had to try! It is listed on a menu as $12.75 for dual people, with a assign of $6.50 for any additional person. It was really a strike with a small something for everyone.

The bali-miki (marinated beef tenderloin on a stick) sat on a mini hibachi that towered in a center of a tray (hence a flame) and radically could continue cooking to particular welfare right during a table. The gummy grilled ribs were wet and flavorful. The egg rolls looked good yet were a bit thick and sticky (possibly due to a further of peanut butter to a pig and unfeeling filling?).

Our favorites of a dusk were a vast Cantonese boiled shrimp—crispy with a ethereal egg batter—and a crab rangoon (which was pulpy with juicy crab and but a common complicated cream cheese flavor) in an ethereal fritter shell. They were severely a best I’ve ever had.

For entrees, we deliberate pity one of Moy’s family dinners for groups of dual to 6 people. Each featured a singular menu.

The cooking for 3 was a feast of soup, egg rolls, boiled shrimp, ribs, bali-miki, shrimp and lobster sauce, honeyed and green pork, steep kow and boiled rice—all for $59.15. In a end, though, we motionless to go a apart ways.

I systematic a Hunan beef ($13.35). The menu’s outline review “sauteed in sharp garlic and vinegar sauce.” The waitress forked out a piquancy levels tend to be on a light side, so we took a possibility and went with spicy. It was ideal with skinny pieces of beef, carrots, mushrooms and red peppers. The Hunan plate also can be systematic with chicken, shrimp, pig or lobster.

Jennifer chose shrimp kow ($13.95) as her entree. She was presented with a outrageous portion packaged full of tender shrimp, sleet pea pods, mushrooms, H2O chestnuts, onions, carrots and Chinese vegetables. It had a loyal authentic Asian flavor, and she enjoyed any bite.

Nikki systematic one of a residence specialties, a almond pulpy steep ($13.15). Happily, she detected a weak steep was deep-fried in a same smashing beat as a shrimp we desired so most in a appetizer. The plate also enclosed an collection of vegetables (broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and more) in a brownish-red gravy, and it was artfully surfaced with sliced almonds.

We were so full, we didn’t even consider to ask about desserts. In fact, we substantially could have left totally confident after a endless and stuffing turn of appetizers. As it was, we all had a inexhaustible volume of leftovers to take home.

As we were removing prepared to conduct out, Jennifer motionless to take a look around. Moy’s offers a vast bar area that seats about 25, and dual some-more dining bedrooms with a dozen tables each.

In her wandering, Jennifer commented to another member of a wait staff how vast a grill was. She wasn’t astounded to learn that on Friday and Saturday nights, a grill is filled to capacity, and that reservations are rarely recommended.

The Four Dishes—Nikki Bolka, Helene Ramsdell, Jennifer Spangler and Beth Webb—review informal restaurants for The Gazette.

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