Regional Chinese Specialist Shaanxi Gourmet Shutters in Rosemead

Welcome to Meanwhile in a SGV, a unchanging collection of San Gabriel Valley updates from Eater’s sailing reporter, Jim Thurman. This month, some-more Chinese bondage arrive, a singular new Hunan sighting, and a once rarely touted grill shutters.

San Gabriel Bad news from acclaimed Sichuan grill Nothingness. A detonate H2O siren flooded a premises, that forced a closure to renovate. The grill will not re-open until late February. 288 S. San Gabriel Blvd., Suite 103/104

New Century Lobster

Rosemead The once rarely touted Shaanxi Gourmet has closed. When it non-stop in 2011, it fast became a favorite and waits were common. Even after dual seating expansions, a grill remained busy. Branches were non-stop in Las Vegas, and larger Boston and there was a drop-off in peculiarity before a ephemeral Arcadia plcae non-stop as well. Now, usually a Boston area plcae remains. The deputy is New Century Lobster, a Chiu-chow character lobster place in a mold of circuitously 626 Lobster and Boston Lobster, as good as Newport Seafood. Those looking for Shaanxi-style transport still have good alternatives in Shaanxi Garden, Xi’An Tasty, Xi’An Kitchen and Liang’s Kitchen. 8518 W. Valley Blvd.

Puan Sri

Rowland Heights— In one of a many ultra-specific concepts ever, a tiny café focusing on durian candy has opened. Puan Sri facilities a tiny menu of desserts for all lovers of a notoriously stinky fruit, including covering cake, cheesecake, and pizza. Durian beverages, including a durian coffee, are also available. There are also a few customary boiled break items, as good as a few organic teas for those who don’t suffer a flavorful, nonetheless frowzy “king of all fruits.” It replaces a similar, nonetheless durian free, splash and dessert place, Plaisir D’amour Café. 18340 E. Colima Rd., Suite 1C

Ah May

Rosemead One of a finer examples of Burmese cuisine in a SGV has closed. Ah May Burmese was around about a year. A nonetheless to be named Vietnamese grill will reinstate it. Burmese cuisine is still represented opposite a SGV by Yoma Myanmar, Nadi Myanmar, Cetaya Mon and The Golden Owl. 8526 W. Valley Blvd. #106

Rowland Heights— The eastern plcae of Taiwanese bakery sequence Bake Code has turn Chatime Café. This is unequivocally only a re-branding/combining given Chatime and Bakery Code are brands of La Kaffa International. Chatime is one of a largest boba chains, though hasn’t gained most of a toehold in a SGV. The vast space, with a few break equipment as good as drinks, desserts and a Bake Code baked goods, is a new proceed for a sequence in a area. 1355 Nogales St.

Hanlin Tea Room

City of Industry Trying to establish a loyal begetter of any food or libation is a fool’s errand. One of a claimants to boba tea is Hanlin Tea Room, that has non-stop a initial SGV location. Teas, boba drinks and a common break equipment are on a menu. It replaces a splendidly named Smelly Pot, that featured prohibited pots with stinky tofu, and lasted 4 years. 17833 Colima Rd., Suite D

Xiang Cuisine

Monterey Park— The opening of Xiang Cuisine outlines a initial new Hunan-style eatery in a SGV in some-more than a year. The menu includes a good collection of Hunan dishes, including steamed fish conduct smothered with peppers, eggplant with recorded egg and many more. 141 N. Atlantic Blvd.

Wu Ming Hot Pot

San Gabriel— Another Chinese sequence has arrived, in a form of Wu Ming Hot Pot. Far from your run-of-the-mill prohibited pot place, a grill facilities sharp Chengdu-style prohibited pots with presentation, décor and pricing along a lines of Hai Di Lao. It replaces The Spicy Crab in Sunny Plaza. The Cajun-style crabbery lasted about 6 months. 527 W. Valley Blvd. #168

Tai 2

City of Industry— Yet another Chinese chain, Tai 2 Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, has non-stop in front of Four Seasons Plaza. The one plate specialty is a prohibited and green fish soup featuring recorded vegetable, peppercorn and dusty pepper. Either whole fish or filets are accessible for a soup, along with some engaging appetizers. The space, that has seen visit turnover, final hosted Bali Crawfish. 18518 Gale Ave.

Rowland Heights— There’s one reduction place for Northeastern Chinese food in a eastern San Gabriel Valley, as Dongbei Hometown Cuisine has closed. Signage is adult and work is busily underway for a arriving replacement, Na Jia Café, though there is no word on what character of food will be served. 18406 E. Colima Rd., Suite B

Rosemead January 31 was a final night for Shanghai Bistro. The grill was creatively non-stop in 2015 by former staff of Wang Jia, that has given closed. The name change to Shanghai Bistro was accompanied by cook and menu changes, with some-more dishes from adjacent Zhejiang and Jiangsu Provinces. Signage is down and there is no pointer of a replacement. 7637 Garvey Ave.

AlhambraYu Ming has closed. The Yunnan-style grill lasted about a year. The deputy is Lao Tie, nonetheless another skewers and drink place. At slightest it appears Lao Tie will offer a operation of brews over customary corporate brands. 640 W. Valley Blvd. Suite A

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