President Weah to Transform Bali Island Into Modern City

Monrovia – President George Manneh Weah on Monday, Mar 26, 2018 toured a Bali Island, that is situated in a center of a Mesurado River.

The Liberian personality intends to renovate Bali Island into a New Monrovia commencing with a construction of a state-of-the-art International Conference Center and other standardised structures. 

Speaking during a boat-ride comment tour, President Weah commended Liberians for giving him a event to lead a republic with a perspective to capacitate him renovate it.

“While entrance adult as a child; flourishing adult in Clara Town, on Bushrod Island; personification only opposite a shores of a Stockton Creek; we mostly looked into a instruction of a Bali Island, noticed an underdeveloped traveller attraction,” President Weah recounted. 

“I wondered what was going on there,” President Weah would ask and went on to say: “I did not know anyone who knew what was going on there. There was no road, no bridge, or packet to get over here.” he added. 

According to President Weah, his dream to see a Island rise began from that moment, noting: “From here, we began to see a “New City of Monrovia” rising from a remains of a Old City of Monrovia.” 

President Weah explained how he envisions skyscrapers, bureau buildings, selling malls, banks, word companies, night clubs, pleasing lights and pretentious colors on a Island. He said, likewise he saw a happy and moneyed people, going about their businesses, assembly and nod any other.” 

He intimated that since a dream has never left him, his regard has to ensue with a growth of a Bali Island, whenever he was channel a Gabriel J. Tucker Bridge and had to demeanour into a instruction of a Island.  

President Weah concurred God’s blessing on him for creation him President and personality and remarkable that a Liberian people have given him a event to make that dream come loyal for a advantage of all Liberians. 

The Liberian personality pronounced a 4000-seated Conference Hall will be named after a late Indian Prime Minister, Mahatma Gandhi, while a construction will be saved by a Government of India. 

President Weah was assimilated by an array of comparison supervision officials, including Indian Consul General to Liberia, Upjit Jetty and a cross-section of supervision officials during a site, that signifies his joining to support promises done to a republic and people.

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