President of Aussie biker gang, Finks denied entrance into Bali for family vacation

The boss of Australia’s scandalous Finks biker squad was incited behind to Sydney on alighting in Bali for a family vacation.

Kosh Radford, aka Koshan Rashidi, who had been roving with his child, wife, and mother-in-law, were blocked from entering Indonesia on a dusk of Nov. 8 when they landed during Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport.

“At a immigration opposite for pass checking and stamp, that’s where he was denied entrance since we already knew him as a conduct of a dangerous motorcycle squad in Australia,” Ngurah Rai Immigration Class we chief, Ari Budjianto said, as quoted by Liputan6.

“He was deported that same night,” Budjianto said.

“Foreigners who are deserted from entering Indonesia are foreigners that allegedly could causes[sic] turmoil and disquiet inhabitant security.”

Finks is an outlaw motorcycle bar shaped in Sydney in 1969 with an estimated membership of 2,000 bikers. 

Radford and family did not conflict and were mild when denied entrance into Bali according to a immigration chief.

“It went smoothly,” Budjianto said.

The Daily Telegraph had reported that immigration flagged Radford interjection to a spill from Australian comprehension soruces, though Budjianto reportedly denied that immigration acted on intel from Aussie sources.

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