Premiere: Møme Shows Us His Ideal, Dreamy Vision Of Bali In "When We Ride" Video

Later this month, French electronic producer Møme will recover his new EP Moments I. First to be listened from his new collection is “When We Ride”, which features Johan Loewenthal from Aussie indie-synth band Tora. Loewenthal’s soaring RB vocals fit good with Møme’s taut, bony electro sounds that container a healthy sip of funk. To go with a track, a French writer headed out to a island of Bali in Indonesia to emanate a video that would impregnate a lane with a devout edge, while profitable loyalty to a enlightenment and view he fell in adore with.

“For ‘When We Ride’, we unequivocally wanted to go behind to Indonesia, a accurate nation where we started component ‘Møment I’. It is mystical, relaxing, outlandish and fun, all during a same time. So we unequivocally wanted to share this prophesy to my audience. I’m a initial impression and we can hear a Bahasa kind of request bewitching me. we tumble defunct and my dream starts. Bali has a brew of implausible landscapes, a mountains, a oceans, a rice fields and also unequivocally welcoming, gifted and fun people. we wanted to uncover a inlet and some float (skate, longboard, roller and motorbike) to compare with a track’s title. Also, for this shave we exclusively worked with Bali-based participants such as my friends Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen, or Flora Christin and we privately picked a locations we see in a video, like a Hide Out Bali. we unequivocally had fun being concerned in this plan and we wish people will be desirous by my ideal, unreal prophesy of Bali.”

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