Perth lady ‘attacked and raped’ on travel to Bali hotel Jayakarta …

A Perth lady on holiday in Bali has reported being’ viciously pounded and raped in a Kuta alleyway as she walked to her hotel in a early hours of this morning.

The 41-year-old, who can't be identified for authorised reasons, was walking from a bar to her hotel during 1am when she was grabbed by a man, her mouth lonesome to stop her screaming and dragged into a forlorn laneway where she was allegedly raped and slapped around.

It is purported a motorbike cab motorist – ordinarily referred to as an ’ojek’ – offering her a giveaway lift to her hotel before aggressive her.

Police pronounced a distraught lady and a womanlike crony reported a matter to Kuta military about 5am.

But she has so distant refused military requests to have a earthy examination.

Police sources pronounced a lady was dragged into a laneway nearby a behind of a Jayakarta Hotel In Legian, in a heart of a traveller district.

They pronounced a lady fought tough opposite her attacker, though he lonesome her mouth to stop her screaming for help.

In serve to a rape she was slapped and slammed opposite a wall to stop her escaping.

Denpasar military arch Hadi Purnomo pronounced a lady reported to military about 5am currently with a crony and was in tears as she described her attack.

“At initial she came to Kuta Police, afterwards a Kuta Police accompanied her to go to Denpasar military hire to make a report,” Mr Purnomo said.

“At Denpasar military station, when she reported, military told her to do earthy hearing though she refused to do so.”

He pronounced military had already conducted a rough review of a crime stage and were stability their investigation.

But Mr Purnomo pronounced in sequence for a box to ensue serve they indispensable a lady to determine to a rape kit, something that so distant she has resisted.

“We have conducted review during a crime scene. We are stability with that. But we need a medical news as evidence,” he said.

“In a authorised process, we need proof, we need evidence. Only a medical news can infer that she was raped. It’s not easy to infer if usually formed on a statement, as there is no witness.

“We will try to convince her. We will try to make her know that a medical news is really critical for military to do a investigation.”

Police are constantly warning tourists opposite bag snatches and hidden of mobile phones around a Kuta traveller district and expat forums in Bali regularly news about attacks, quite on women roving motorcycles and walking alone during night.

It is not famous either a lady has already returned to Australia.

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