Nusa Dua Light Festival earnings in Bali

Hundreds of Badung regency residents and tourists flocked to Nusa Dua, a site of a Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) in Bali, to declare a opening of a Nusa Dua Light Festival on Monday.

The festival will be opposite from prior years as it has a dancing fountain, a initial in Bali.

I Wayan Karioka, a handling executive of a Nusa Dua-ITDC, pronounced a dancing fountain would pierce along to songs and would also be spiced adult by a light show.  

“What is new and opposite about a dancing fountain is that a glow dance will be hold in a center of it,” Wayan added.

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The festival has an underwater  theme with a tagline “Water, Fire, Dance”. Lanterns have been arrayed with creatures of a sea, such as fish, coral and jellyfish.

There is a hovel versed with lights in each color, a favorite place for visitors to take selfies. The festival will also showcase residents’ normal arts.

Held until Jul 15, a organizer aims to attract 2,500 to 3,000 visitors per day.

“We wish some-more tourists will attend a festival over a holidays,” pronounced Wayan. (wng)


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