Noa Mizuno finds a kick in Indo (and during Kelly’s Wave Pool)

Noa Mizuno has his sights set on a veteran roller career. But first: high school, that a 19-year-old Punahou tyro wrapped adult progressing this year. One of his initial trips after graduation was to Indo, where he wore down a rails of his play in rippable, shoulder-high sets. The multi-cultural season of Bali brings him a singular viewpoint on life, Noa told us. Of all a graduation presents we could get after high school, an appreciation for opposite cultures has to be one of a many important.

But another present suddenly landed in Mizuno’s lap, and, well, it’s flattering good, too. We’ll let Noa pronounce for himself:

“I got a call to go to Kelly’s Wave Pool when we was during a Paris Airport, on my approach behind to Hawaii. My Dad told me over a phone that we had gotten a invitation, and he asked me, ‘You ready?’ we didn’t unequivocally trust him [Laughs]. we was only in dishonesty that we was going to get a ambience of a future.”

“When we rocked adult to a Surf Ranch, all was five-star: food, service, beauty, everything. They did an extraordinary pursuit with that place. we was in a H2O positively confused by a whole setup. we satisfied we was sitting in a chlorine pool in a center of positively nowhere, about to have a event of my life. And afterwards a initial call rolled through. The rest is history. The shave has a initial few waves we was on, though we consider we were all carrying a bit too most fun to keep filming [Laughs].”

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