New YouTube shave on MACC arch hints during supports abuse, cover-up

ANOTHER video shave has emerged final night, widening a accusations opposite Malaysia’s anti-graft arch Dzulkifli Ahmad of abusing supervision supports and warning tip polite menial Ali Hamsa from covering adult a scandal.

The 57-second shave on a YouTube video-sharing site underneath a Jejak Dua Belas comment showed a closed-circuit radio perspective of a hotel room with an unfinished bed, melancholy to exhibit a whole shave if consummate investigations are not finished over an alleged sex scandal involving a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arch and a married woman.

This is a third video shave opposite Dzulkifli nonetheless a progressing clips on YouTube have been private days after being combined dual weeks ago.

The latest shave starts off with seeking if either it was crime for Dzulkifli to attend a discussion in Hong Kong regulating atmosphere tickets paid by a supervision though skipping a event.

Hong Kong hosted a Asian Legal Business (ALB) Anti-Corruption Forum 2017 on Mar 23 – an annual eventuality attended by supervision officials and lawyers in a region.

It is not immediately famous if Dzulkifli attended a eventuality notwithstanding suggestions in a video shave that a supervision had sent him there.

It afterwards showed a hotel room with an unfinished bed, with a heading observant a whole goings-on in a room would be suggested if consummate investigations are not forthcoming.

The video ends with a warning to Ali, a arch secretary to a government, not to strengthen Dzulkifli in sequence to save himself, an emanate that was also mentioned in a final shave uploaded on Oct 18.

The final video showed a male who resembles Dzulkifli and a married lady holding hands and going into a grill in Bali final July.

The one minute, 40 seconds video was uploaded on YouTube with links to a blog containing posts with accusations of a tip Umno personality orchestrating a cover of a MACC arch commissioner’s extramarital affair.

In a video, “Dzulkifli” is holding hands with a lady while entrance out of a hotel in Bali. The video was afterwards steady in slow-motion. Another shave showed a integrate in a restaurant.

The residue of a video showed a room where Dzulkifli allegedly stayed while in Bali final Jul and a shave of his partner bringing out luggage.  

Previous clips have shown moody tickets, hotel registration papers and other cinema of a integrate in Bali and luggage being carted out of a hotel.

Dzulkifli finally addressed rumours of his purported event final month, joining a claims to “dirty and outrageous attacks” by unnamed people.

Pro-government critics and newspapers have indicted a antithesis and gambling syndicates of being behind a videos and expostulate to get Dzulkifli out of MACC.

But a MACC arch did not directly confirm nor repudiate a purported affair with a woman, pronounced to be a authorised manager in a government-linked firm. She and her father divorced final month and has denied a affair.

The YouTube site containing a video shave also led to a blog with posts on a purported affair. One of a posts indicted a tip Umno personality of heading a cover in sequence to disguise his possess swindle case.

One post also contained allegations of a accordant debate by Umno leaders with a MACC arch opposite Parti Warisan Sabah personality Shafie Apdal, claiming that several of those arrested in a swoop recently were hold in hotel bedrooms and coerced into admissing to hurtful activities.

Another Umno personality allegedly gave a RM10 million cheat to move down Shafie, pronounced another post.

The blog has given been private from a Google-owned blogging site

Police have started investigations into a videos uploaded final month after a sales executive lodged a news on a initial video shave early final month.

Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun pronounced investigations into a box centred around allegedly interesting a married lady with a vigilant of carrying unlawful intercourse.

Those found guilty face adult to dual years’ jail, a fine, or both.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has also set adult a charge force over a matter, as Dzulkfili was seconded from there to conduct a MACC in Aug 2016. – Nov 2, 2017.

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