New pattern breathes rejuvenated life into InterContinental Bali Resort’s rooms

InterContinental Bali Resort is famous for a value in showcasing a best of Bali, with a essential components of Balinese Hindu philosophy, imagery and symbolism prevalently embodied around a design.

The Resort adheres to a component of tri hita karana epitomizing a change and peace between a 3 sources of life: humans, inlet and God. The resort’s settlement also honors a dedicated pivot between a holy towering and a sea.

The review now takes this rootedness in tradition further, with a endless guestroom redesign program, that sets new standards for oppulance accommodations in Bali and introduces world-class room technology.

“As one of a iconic review properties for a InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), InterContinental Bali, a settlement of a new bedrooms has been recognised to move a essence of Bali to life with comforts such as hand-painted batik prints and perplexing timber carvings, joined with personalized technologies that will set new standards in Bali,” IHG’s entire manager for Bali Resorts, Michel Chertouh, said.

Guest Room Design

Guests will shortly learn a visually pleasing and also physically gentle comforts of a resort’s code new guest room design.

The interiors have been designed by a Singapore-based James Park Associates, a eminent settlement consultancy that has an endless believe of a architectural traditions of Bali and Indonesia and specializes in formulating well-developed guestrooms that compensate loyalty to a informative roots of a location. The rooms’ many singular comforts are a full-wall picture paintings desirous by designs found on Balinese textiles.

The beds’ backdrops underline forged wooden headboard panels with geometric hideaway patterns standard of those seen on normal Balinese doorways. An considerable round forged objet d’art comforts prominently in any room, mounted on a fabric-paneled accent wall of any loll area. The match lamps are a signature of a new InterContinental Bali guestrooms and suites, desirous by a elaborate terracotta climax finials of normal Balinese thatched roofs. Each flare also comforts a expel coronet emblem depicting dragons and Garuda – a swift follower and conduit of a autarchic god, Vishnu.

The woven rattan material, entire to a tropics, is treated with an antique patina and used prominently in a wall paneling of a sauce rooms. The crafted seat has been delicately designed to component a hotel’s classic, vernacular architecture, while also conveying a timeless, pleasant aesthetic.

Indonesian timber from tolerable sources is widely used and is total with eye-catching accents such as pleasant hardwood veneers, lacquered tobacco root and faux-shagreen – imitative a textured skin of a stingray, while a hand-tufted nap rugs are characterized by internal patterns. The bedrooms are finished with solemnly curated thematic paintings depicting Balinese Legong dancers, a energetic brush strokes conveying a liquid suit and overwhelming costumes of Bali’s many artistic dance.

The endless use of Indonesian marble authentically reflects a context of a bathrooms, while outlandish alien mill brings a abounding oppulance to self-centredness counters and bath surrounds. Contemporary nonetheless undying equipment and fixtures, such as those from Hansgrohe’s Citterio E range, finish a composition. All of a bedrooms keep their strange teakwood flooring, delicately easy to move new life to this abounding and profitable material.


New record and state-of-the-art comforts are being incorporated to expect any guest need and to accommodate a resort’s ongoing environmental joining to urge a CO footprint and strengthen healthy resources by a rebate of appetite expenditure and H2O usage.

To capacitate guest to entirely relax in their bedrooms and to suffer a loyal home-away-from-home experience, any room will be versed with a High Definition Smart IPTV system, with a 43-inch wall-mounted screen, charity entrance to thousands of high peculiarity digital TV and radio channels from around a world, as good as cinema and TV array on demand, internet radio, YouTube channels and live streaming around a high-speed internet connection. Guests can even watch some-more than one channel during a time around their possess Android or iPad (and iPhone) devices. Other options around a IPTV complement embody a messaging interface for In-Room dining and Concierge services and comforts such as a universe clock, wake-up calls, interactive maps and interactive moody information.

In line with a Resort’s “Green Engage” tolerable environmental program, any room is being propitious with a insubordinate appetite government complement featuring occupancy sensors that will revoke disastrous impact and appetite expenditure by determining lighting and air-conditioning thermostats when no one is present. Lights will come on automatically when a room is reoccupied and guest can change a settings for their possess comfort. Halogen roof lights are being transposed with energy-saving LED downlights, while wordless mini-bar fridges are being commissioned utilizing an appetite fit compressor cooling section to revoke energy consumption.

The impact of overuse of groundwater by tourism – with a descending H2O list – is being felt all over Bali. Therefore, a renovated bathrooms have been propitious with low-flow showering heads that revoke a H2O upsurge to 6.3 liters per minute, low-flow taps, and high potency dual-flush toilets, shortening H2O use by adult to 8 liters per flush by regulating usually 3 to 4.5 liters during any one time. Bathrooms will be finished with an appealing operation of accessories designed to orchestrate with a new décor, synonymous with a character of a resort.
Finally, for a relaxing preference of a guests, intelligent electrical control inclination will be installed. These will embody a master switch beside a bed, as good as bed-top and desktop turn concept energy points and USB charging ports.

InterContinental Bali Resort is a five-star oppulance resort, that rests alongside a pretentious golden-sand beach of Jimbaran Bay, finish with 5 swimming pools, award-winning restaurants and an internationally acclaimed spa.

The initial of a re-designed Singaraja bedrooms is available to book.

Singaraja Room: A hold of batik

The interiors of a Singaraja bedrooms during a InterContinental Bali Resort are now undergoing a endless redesign module with comforts such as hand-painted wall murals desirous by motifs found on Balinese textiles and normal batik.

Batik – a art of decorating cloth regulating polish and tone – is an Indonesian art form and a impulse for a full-wall murals in a resort’s redecorated guestrooms, any of that is being palm embellished by a Balinese artisan. There is nowhere in a universe where batik art has been grown to such high standards as in Bali’s adjacent island of Java and it is wise therefore that some of a dim wall patterns were shabby by a parang, a Javanese batik settlement that was once used exclusively by a stately courts of Central Java.

This famous settlement comprises inclined rows of thick knife-like segments regulating in together erratic bands, some of that enclose another settlement element, a line of lozenge-shaped motifs called mlinjon. Parang is traditionally painted soga brown, a tone that ranges from dim yellow to dim chocolate, regulating a colouring that comes from a bellow of a soga or yellow fire tree, a local of Southeast Asia.

In fact, one of a reasons since Java became famous for batik is since all of a tender materials for a routine have always been straightforwardly accessible – string and beeswax and a many plants from that a healthy dyes are made. There are many variations of a simple striped settlement of a parang, with some-more than 40 parang designs recorded. It also appears in media other than batik, including in woodcarvings and as embellishment on gamelan low-pitched instruments.

The hand-painted wall murals in a resort’s Singaraja bedrooms underline a flower motif, that was found on a limit of a perada or prada weave constructed in North Bali’s Singaraja region. This weave technique creatively concerned a focus of china or bullion root in an organic, floral settlement over a batik base; today a some-more affordable choice of bronze dirt is mostly used instead. Because a perada weave was primarily brought to Java by Indian traders and afterwards after brought to Bali, stylised Hindu motifs – such as dedicated lotus blossoms, as good as church service designs and ancient woodwork patterns – were used to adorn a borders.

InterContinental Bali Resort is unapproachable to showcase these ancestral patterns on a walls of a upgraded guestrooms.

Book and stay in a newly refurbished Singaraja Room; constraint and share your knowledge with us. We will pull one propitious leader and credit 1 million IHG Rewards Points to your account. These 1 million reward points are value of 22 nights during a InterContinental Bali Resort or 16 nights during a famous InterContinental New York Times Square and also during some-more than 4,600 IHG hotels and resorts worldwide. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

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