Navicula Mt. Agung Fundraising Gig

Indonesian Eco-Rockers Navicula

Melbourne’s Long Holiday

Plus Melbourne Outfits – Kaz Garaz, Grasshole, ZMWY and Rez Project (Indonesia)

All deduction support Bali’s villagers replaced by Mount Agung volcano

Navicula is a singular Indonesian psychedelic-grunge rope with an general form whose song connects grassroots communities and environmental advocacy opposite Indonesia. They’ve toured a US, UK, and Australia, joining adult with artists, musicians and activists concerned with environmental change, including Greenpeace and many others; headlined festivals opposite Indonesia and in Sydney; and fronted for performers like Michael Franti and Wolfmother. They’re assimilated by absolute internal grunge two-piece Long Holiday, after successful UK and Germany tours final year, and an arriving debate of Indonesia.

Now communities on Navicula’s home island of Bali have been replaced by a hazard of Mount Agung, that has been on high warning with hundreds of tremors given late September. The volcano hasn’t erupted nonetheless – though roughly 140,000 have been forced to leave their villages and livelihoods to equivocate intensity catastrophe, and are vital in swarming conditions, reliant on assist as they wait to see what will happen. If a volcano does explode a needs will boost several times over.

“With visitors entrance to vacation in Bali from all over a universe and suffer a island’s beauty, we wish to remind a general village to remember Bali in her time of need. While Bali’s many exposed communities need a support, there has been such an escape of adore from other artists and musicians. After holding partial in some fundraising concerts in Bali these past months, we are vehement to take these efforts to Australia and share a theatre with some of Melbourne’s good internal talent.” – Gede Robi, Navicula frontman and founder.

Bali-based organisations have been providing much-needed assist to those already displaced, including food, hygiene kits, sleeping mats, blankets, filters for purify celebration H2O and other vicious reserve to a depletion centres. Funds lifted will assistance means this effort, and preparations if things do turn worse. Organisations upheld by this fundraiser embody the Mt Agung Relief bid that is a consortium of Kopernik (, IDEP Foundation, Bumi Sehat, Rio Helmi, Rucina Ballinger, Bali ZEN and a Green School parents.

“The village support has been incredible, though a needs of a evacuees are ongoing and it is capricious how prolonged this conditions will continue. We will keep adult this work as people’s needs evolve, in partnership with other service efforts.” – Ewa Wojkowska, Co-Founder and COO of Kopernik.

“Long Holiday are intensely shamed to have a eventuality to uncover support for a Indonesian friends in their time of crisis. With an Indonesian debate requisitioned for November, we will be vouchsafing a locals know usually how most we conclude their pleasing nation and that song can always move us together.” – Gina Holiday, Long Holiday

As good as this fundraiser, Navicula will transport to Gippsland to work with Kutcha Edwards, Robbie Bundle and internal artists behaving Sunday 26 November, during 5pm in Lakes Entrance, and perform in Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Mapping Melbourne festival during Testing Grounds on Dec 8, during 6 pm. Concerts are also scheduled in Sydney, Byron Bay, and Brisbane.

Both Gede Robi and Ewa Wojkowska are holding partial in a Asia 21 Summit, an annual eventuality of a Asia Society that brings together immature leaders from opposite a region. The Summit is being hold in Melbourne for a initial time from Nov 29 to Dec 1.


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