Narcotics Agency recruits Bali eremite leaders in a island’s ‘fight opposite drugs’

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) is removing internal eremite leaders concerned in a ‘fight opposite drugs’ in Bali.

BNN Bali Chief Brig. Gen. Putu Gede Suastawa discussed a ‘collab’ on Sunday in Mengwi during a assembly but around 100 village eremite figures.

Religion plays a vital purpose in Balinese culture, with a island’s primarily Hindu population. Hindu priests offer as intermediaries between a people and gods and ancestors, so they are good positioned to fight drug use in a community, according to Suastawa.

“As purpose models, (religious leaders) can positively be a middle of information about a dangers of drugs, either during eremite ceremonies, eremite lectures, assembly forums, and other several eremite activities,” Suastawa said, as quoted by Bali Post.

“There are dual categorical roles of priests: jagathita, so yield a good instance for village members, and adhi guru loka, act as a teacher. Thus, eremite leaders contingency be purify and contingency act as agents of BNN, propelling people divided from drugs.”

Just progressing this month, Bali’s governor, Made Mangku Pastika conspicuous a island’s drug conditions a state of emergency, logic that once drugs reached villages, afterwards “you know we have a problem.”

Pastika also cited total reflecting an boost in narcotics abuse cases from 61,353 in 2015 to 62,457 in 2016.

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