My Vacation in a Party Capital of Bali (Complete With a Hangover Brunch to End Them All)

Hey, it’s Ben Schlappig here, a blogger behind One Mile during a Timeand a man who introduced we to my uber-luxury transport lifestyle — which I’ve managed live by regulating miles and points. When we final left off we was unwinding during a uber-luxurious St. Regis Nusa Dua in Bali. For a final dual nights in paradise, we switched from a St. Regis to a W Hotel Seminyak. Seminyak is also on a H2O — it’s about a 30-minute expostulate divided — yet has a totally opposite vibe than Nusa Dua. It’s famous for surfing and partying, and is most some-more sharp-witted than Nusa Dua.

Not surprisingly, a W had a really opposite vibe than a St. Regis. That would be approaching formed on a plcae alone, yet is amplified serve by a disproportion between a dual brands. While St. Regis is famous for understated magnificence and a relaxing vibe, W is famous as some-more of a celebration brand, with fun and quirky design. The run is open air, and seems to consistently have a good cross-breeze, so it’s a poetic place to lay and relax. The hotel is also good designed to make a whole hotel feel like one large community space. There’s a tiered pool, a outrageous waterfront bar, several alfresco restaurants, and more.

The W Hotel Seminyak

We arrived during a hotel on a Sunday afternoon, right as dual of a hotel’s over-the-top Sunday brunches were going on. One of them had a live DJ and a smorgasboard with an Asian transport food theme. The food was delicious, and since a W is famous via a island for their Sunday brunches, a people examination on point.

So. Many. Food. Options.

On this stay, we got an ascent (thanks, SPG Platinum) to one of a hotel’s Marvelous Suites, that are a hotel’s “standard suites.” The 1,400-square-foot apartment was on a tip building with a good patio unaware a whole resort. There was a apart vital room and bedroom, and a vital room featured what might only be a biggest cot I’ve ever had in a hotel room. we find W properties to generally have quirky design, and this one was no exception.

Here’s How to Do Bali in Five-Star Luxury (With a Butler!) Using Miles

In further to a bedrooms in a categorical building of a hotel, there are also dozens of standalone villas, that are good alternatives for someone seeking some-more privacy. The W Seminyak has one, two, and three-bedroom pool villas, all of that underline private thrust pools. If roving as a group, this could be a good option, as it gives we some remoteness while still giving we entrance to a rest of a resort.

It’s tough to go wrong with these accommodations.

Continuing with a celebration theme, a W Seminyak has an innovative judgment — they have a sound studio where people can lease out and record music. The border of my singing knowledge was once singing karaoke during this Korean bar while somewhat inebriated, and maybe also singing along during a One Direction unison once. So, we took a pass on indeed recording anything, though it is a cold concept.

This studio is overwhelming even if you’re not musically-inclined.

In box we were wondering, removing hotel standing is not that difficult. Most vital hotel bondage have a faithfulness module where they offer opposite tiers of standing formed on how visit a guest we are. But are we wakeful that some of these bondage also give certain levels of standing only by holding their branded credit cards? You might not get a comprehensive top tier standing this way, though it’s a good approach to get many advantages but carrying to frequently with a same chain.

Stick around for my subsequent journey — and points-travel tips to go with it!


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Ben Schlappig, a blogger behind One Mile during a Time, practice about $1 million value of transport each year regulating miles and points — and covers about 400,000 miles annually this way. Ben has teamed adult with Bravo’s Jet Set for a month-long array called The Upgrade, in that he shows we how we — yes, you! — can measure real-world-ready strategies for upping your transport game. Come along for a adventure!

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