MTV sets tacky dating existence uncover ‘Ex on a Beach’ in Bali for this season

As if Bali’s beaches didn’t have adequate pointless sleazeballs (especially in a certain area commencement with ‘K’), MTV motionless it would be a good thought to set a latest deteriorate of tacky existence dating uncover ‘Ex on a Beach’ here, informative attraction be damned.

The array 7 start date for Jun 20 and expel lineup have been confirmed, MTV announced on Tuesday.

While we can conclude a ‘punny’ pretension of a show, a simple grounds is vomit-inducing enough: ‘Eight singular guys and girls suffer a summer holiday in bliss – until their exes spin up.’

A promo for a Bali deteriorate is flattering most what you’d design from this arrange of show. Tanned existence uncover participants in bikinis and float shorts fury in a imagination villa, throwing pool floaties, ice, and other things (including a rubber dong) during any other. Yay.

What will reveal will fundamentally be a shit uncover of flirting, drinking, partying, hooking up, and brawling.

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