Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali celebrates 70 years of …

Mövenpick Resort Spa Jimbaran Bali hosted a stylish dining eventuality on Tuesday, 3 Apr 2018 to applaud 70 Years of Culinary Excellence for a Mövenpick brand. Key transport partners and media member were invited to knowledge an dusk of tasty wining and dining that ideally showcased a change between internal liberality and Swiss flair.

The cooking was partial of a tellurian culinary programme to symbol a 70 Years of Culinary Excellence. Established in Switzerland in 1948, Mövenpick was primarily launched as a restaurant/bar judgment that was forward of a time and went on to modernize Europe’s dining scene. Cocktails and tiny bites served in a amicable ambience of Katha Lounge got a eventuality kicked off to a excellent start as a object went down. Sultry saxophone song set a mood as guest mingled and enjoyed a video display highlighting Mövenpick’s pioneering culinary journey.

Upon relocating downstairs to Anarasa Restaurant for dinner, guest were met by Executive Sous Chef Leony Rossalia presiding over an open-plan kitchen where a publisher and transport professionals could live see a plating of a opposite dishes. There she proceeded to deliver a preference of 7 resourceful dishes now being launched opposite Mövenpick Hotels Resorts worldwide to honour a brand’s founder, Mr. Ueli Prager. Each origination was unobtrusive nonetheless flavourful, creation use of fresh, authentic and health-promoting ingredients.

Shared platters of appetizers enclosed scallops avocado tartare, salade goddess fermière and mille feuille saumon caviar d’olive. A contingent of categorical courses was equally as considerable with mushrooms and vegetables Zurich character followed by seafood Casimir and a unclothed beef burger Café de Paris. A quirky waffle reinterpretation of a classical Swiss carrot cake was served as a honeyed finale.    

All 7 dishes not usually take impulse from Prager’s idealist proceed to cuisine, though also his strange grill concept. The really initial Mövenpick was a worldly nonetheless loose place where guest could representation dishes during affordable prices and this bequest still lives on 70 years later.

As a eventuality drew to a close, each guest in assemblage was presented with a token present bag as a tiny souvenir of a evening. This was filled with signature equipment including a mop temperament a Swiss inhabitant flag, a recipe book celebrating Mövenpick’s miracle anniversary and hand-crafted chocolate pralines.  

“It was indeed a good pleasure share this dining knowledge and a Mövenpick story with such an elegant organisation of food lovers. The dusk prisoner a hint of a code and was a wise reverence to Ueli Prager’s culinary vision,” comments General Manager of Mövenpick Resort Spa Jimbaran Bali, Mr. Horst Walther-Jones.

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