Mount Agung tear turns Bali hotspots into ‘ghost towns’

As hotels lay dull and businesses are forced to close, Bali locals are counting a cost of Mount Agung’s volcanic activity.

Almost $1 billion is approaching to be wiped from a Balinese economy by Christmas as a approach outcome of a eruption.

It’s been roughly a week given flights final left Perth firm for Bali due to a charcoal cloud spewing from Mt Agung.

Empty Bali beaches.
Empty Bali beaches.Picture: 7 News

On Monday, Jetstar and Qantas again started drifting to a holiday island though there’s copiousness of holidaymakers fearful of some-more eruptions and moody cancellations.

Business owners in Bali contend those fears are behind a poignant dump in tourism numbers, impacting a economy.

Simon Ward, who owns Bali Food Safari, says he’s seen bookings dump by 70 per cent.

Mount Agung is set to cost a Indonesian economy around $1 billion.
Mount Agung is set to cost a Indonesian economy around $1 billion.Picture: 7 News

“Some businesses that we know of are stating $100,000 waste in only one month,” he said.

“One of a partners has a beachfront plcae and did 6 covers on their Sunday brunch and that has a ability to reason over 150 people.”

Another business owners pronounced his grill routinely takes in about dual million Rupiah any day – though right now, he’s creation around 300,000.

Hotels in hotspots Kuta and Seminyak have been likened to spook towns as tourists select to holiday elsewhere.

A traveller relaxes during a routinely swarming beach in Kuta.
A traveller relaxes during a routinely swarming beach in Kuta.Picture: EPA

As Bali passengers are warned a volcano conditions is still unpredictable, Virgin will resume the normal operations including flights from Australia to Bali on Tuesday — as prolonged as prominence conditions sojourn clear.

“This whole conditions is still really unpredictable,” a Virgin mouthpiece said.

“If there’s an tear tonight and there’s a breeze change we competence have to cancel flights again.”

Travellers need to check websites frequently as flights might be cancelled if conditions wear again.

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