Minor trembler – Bali Region, Indonesia – Nov 8, 2017


Most critical Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 3.7

Local Time (conversion usually next land) : 2017-11-09 07:02:53

GMT/UTC Time : 2017-11-08 23:02:53

Depth (Hypocenter) : 10 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in a list below.

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UTC Date/time

Bali Region, Indonesia
Nov 08 23:02

I Felt It


  • Ubud – Woke adult from a light jar that lasted approx 6 seconds
  • Gianyar – we was half defunct when it happened. Wasn’t large though it woke me adult and shook a bed. Lasted a few seconds.
  • Kuta – The bed was shakeing things rattled.. scary
  • Ubud – At around 6am we was watchful when a bed started shaking. It lasted about 15 secs. No damage.
  • Gili T – At gili t. Felt a assuage earthquake. Lasted a few seconds.
  • Sanur – Weak shaking
  • Nusa Dua – Lasted around 10 secs during 6am. In a lavatory and transformation was side to side. Rattled equipment in room.
  • Amed – Appriximately 6am. 15-20seconds assuage jar followed by 20 seconds unequivocally diseased tremor. MJR

    One brief movement felt appx 1 hour later.

  • Kuta – The bed jar woke me adult . Thought a Mrs was knocking one out though apparently it was an earth quake
  • Seminyak – usually shook for a brief time, my bed was jar and a H2O in my thrust pool was soaking about, it was exciting
  • Ubud – Moderate shaking
  • Kata South – Woke adult to rattling and felt diseased shaking, no damage, 4 – 5 seconds felt like, nonetheless we was defunct when it started.
  • Sanur – Moderate shaking
  • Candidasa – we had woken adult during about 620am and only gotten behind into bed when it started shaking. Woke my father up.
  • Gili Trawangan – Was sleeping and it woke me up. Lasted about 2-3 seconds. Some unresolved garments were jarred onto a floor.
  • Ubud – Light jar lasted 5 seconds no damage. More of a vibration
  • Payangan – Light shaking
  • Ubud – Around 6am woke to a room shaking, patio doors rattling my partner and i looked during any other for a few seconds it continued and mouthed “earthquake” during a same time.

    There was a even lighter jar a time after too, someday between 630am and 830am

  • Ubud – Weak shaking
  • Jimbaran – Lasted for about 5 seconds.
  • Ubud – Woke adult around 6am. Bed shaking
  • Ubud – Woke me adult 5.58am room bed jar for about 10 seconds
  • Kuta Lombok – Although light shacking, it woke us adult during 6.00 am in a neighbor island of LOmbok.
  • Lombok – Woke adult from it. 6 seconds
  • Melbourne – Didn’t consider an trembler in Bali would be felt here…
  • Ubud – Woke adult to a bed jar for about 10 seconds
  • Bali – Woke adult bed shaking.
  • Gili Air – It woke me up. Shook for 2- seconds.
  • Gili trawangan – Bed started shaking
  • Canguu – Weak shaking
  • Bali – 20 seconds
  • Seminyak – Bed shook and could hear creaking sound from building. Was in my hotel room, 5h building during about 6am.
  • Ubud – We were watchful in bed when a belligerent building room started jar from side to side.
  • Bali – Woke adult from a shaking. It was weak. we consider it laster for 10-15 seconds. No damage.
  • Seminyak – Was watchful and adult in bed, started slowely afterwards some-more heated about 10 seconds all up. Scary/ exciting! Thought it was going to get worse! The energy if Mother Earth , amazing.
  • Seminyak – Felt a shake around 6am when i was asleep. The bed was jar that is lasted for 5-6 seconds. And 2nd time after few mins that is lasted for 2-3 seconds. Im on a 5th floor.
  • Ubud – Wake adult during 5. 55 am by a earthquake. Very uncanny experience. It takes approximatively 6 seconds. No indemnification though a bed and a room were shaking
  • Lemdongan – Very diseased shaking
  • Nusa Dua – we was woken adult during around 6am to a sound of jar in a room. Being from Australia we didn’t utterly know what was function and afterwards realised that it was an earthquake. we woke my father who didn’t nudge and afterwards we lay there in a jar bed until it stopped.
  • Ubud – Moderate shaking
  • Gili t – Woke adult me adult around 5:55am for a few seconds
  • Ubud – Felt reduction than 10 seconds not certain about a specific timing. Doors to a hotel room done shrill jar noises and we felt a tiny tremor.
  • Ubud – Moderate shaking
  • Candidasa – Woke me adult with hotel room jar for a few seconds
  • Canggu – we was abruptly woken from my sleep. Third building during hotel, room was relocating and bed was wobbling.

    First trembler knowledge so can’t review though flattering intense. No damage. Was half defunct though lasted maybe 15 seconds?

  • Candidasa – 5 seconds of complicated shaking
  • Sanur – The bed was jar and banging opposite a wall 5-6 times. First we did not know what it is, though saying a H2O of a pool creation a integrate of tiny waves, we satisfied that it was an earthquake. It lasted only a integrate of seconds.
  • Ubud – Was woken with a bed jar and a sound of other seat shaking
  • Batubulan – Very diseased shaking
  • Bali seminyak – Bout 5 secs, felt like my fat crony was dancing beside me afterwards got tired.
  • Payangan – First woke adult with a assuage jar unequivocally frightful went outward immideately.. after 30 min a most lighter aftershok that lasted about 2 secs
  • Sanur – 10-15 seconds bed shook and doors rattled
  • Ho Chi Minh City – we don’t know what it was. Maybe we only had bad dreams.
  • Kuta Bali – Woken adult during 5.58am with bed jar durability for a few seconds.
  • Lembongan – Weak shaking
  • Gili meno – It was unequivocally discerning though a residence moved, like jolted (it’s done of bamboo). The H2O in a pool was still wavey for a few mins after a shake.
  • Senggigi, Lombok – Strong staking of a bed that woke us adult about 6 seconds
  • Karangasem – House was clever jar initial adult and down afterwards from right to left during 10 sec.Some things descending out of a cupboard. First greeting was this is a Mt. Agung though this was not a case.Epic core around Mataram Lombok what i hear later.
  • Bali – Woke adult from a jar bed. Duration approx. 15 seconds.
  • Nusa Lembongan – Was utterly dipsomaniac so wasn’t certain if it was my streamer jar or my villa.
  • Kuta Lombok – we already watchful around 05:50 when we suspicion someone in a bungalow was perplexing to open a doorway though afterwards a whole building shook and a doors rattled for around 3 seconds. we realised afterwards that it was an earthquake.
  • Ubud Padma resort – At 5.58 am woken from nap in Padma review Ubud. Shook whole room for 10 seconds. Horizontally all a handles on draws done a racket.
  • Ubud – Mo Problem during all
  • Seminyak – Just felt a bed shake 3 times, only before 6am.
  • Ubud Bali – It woke me out of a low nap – we was half defunct though instinctively knew it was a shock associated to volcanic activity- people and animals unequivocally noisy- it didn’t final some-more than a notation or two. we went true behind to nap when it was ease again.
  • penestanan – Few seconds, maybe 5-7, no damage. Though we didn’t demeanour much.
  • Bali – 10-15 seconds of vibration. Enough to arise me adult and we nap heavy.
  • Ababi – Bed started jar and a rumbling sound was Heard. We felt it flattering clever and it lasted about 20 seconds.
  • EMSC

    Bali Region, Indonesia
    Nov 08 21:54

    I Felt It

  • Sengigi lombok – Ik denk dat de beving 15/20 seconde duurde. Eerder leek er ook al een kleine trilling te zijn .
  • Ubud – we was in bed and awake. At initial we suspicion something was literally underneath a bed – there were several clever jolts and afterwards trembling. The butterfly net was jar (it is tied in knots) It lasted for a good 10/12 seconds
  • Ubud – Moderate shaking
  • Candi dasa – Bed was rocking for 2 seconds
  • Bali – Bed was jar for 2 seconds
  • Bali – Moderate shaking
  • Bali – Doors of hotel rattled room somewhat moved. About 10 mins ago Sanur Bali
  • Bali – Very clever shaking
  • Ubud – No damage
    Lasted for maybe 6 seconds
  • Bali Medahan – Weak shaking
  • Bali – My bed was relocating during 5.55 am no repairs to a house
  • Sanur – Moderate shaking
  • Ubud – 3-5 seconds
  • Petitinget Bali – No damage
    Noticed a H2O in pool starting to pierce and a potion panes rattling
  • Ubud, Bali – The jar woke me up, lasted for 20-30 seconds. No buildings damaged.
  • Ubud – Lasted about 5/10 seconds. No skill damage, we live in an earth building.
  • Lovina – Very diseased shaking
  • Ubud – No damage. Rolling, jar durability some-more than 5 seconds and afterwards another call for maybe 3 seconds.
  • Ubud – Moderate shaking
  • Ubud – We were woken adult by or hotel room doors jar that lasted for around 15 seconds
  • Legian – It woke me up. The bed was jar and a room was creaking. Nothing fell.
  • Gili trawangan – Almost 6am skirmish jar woke me up. Only brief duration.
  • Desa Pererenan – Moderate jar for 2-3 seconds
  • Bali – Bed jar on 6th building of hotel. No damage, jar didn’t final long.
  • Sanur – Windows and bed jar 10 sec sanur
  • Ubud – Woke adult only before 6 am to a villa jar for about 5-10 seconds
  • Ubud, Bali – No damage. Bed vibrated somewhat afterwards whole bungalow shook. Deep rumbling sound. Lasted between 6 and 8 seconds.
  • Gili Meno – Woke us adult light dhaking
  • Padang Bai – we was in watchful in bed, initial one brief shake, afterwards assuage jar for a integrate of seconds.
  • Ubud – My bed was jar and we listened noise, like a clever storm
  • Ubuf – Moderate shaking
  • Canggu – we woke adult to my bed somewhat rocking and a butterfly net somewhat searing, a dogs were barking. From a time we woke up, it substantially lasted 15-20 seconds. No damage.
  • Ubud – Woke to sincerely clever shaking….
  • Seminyak – Lasted for 5-6 secs
  • Ubud – Light shaking
  • Gili T – Woken adult from nap due to light jar around 6am. Only lasted a few seconds.
  • Ubud – At 0555 a bed shook for around 5 seconds. No damage.
  • Ubud/Bali – Light shaking
  • Denpasar – Woke adult with bed shaking
  • Nusa cenigan – Woke to bed jar durability 5 sec
  • Legian – Moderate shaking
  • Denpasar – Lasted about 10 seconds. No damage
  • Gili Trawangan – Woke to jar during 6am. Looked out to see if H2O in pool was moving, it did stagger for a few seconds
  • Tuban, South Kuts – Woken adult in bed from amiable shaking.
    Lasted about 20 seconds
  • Nusa Cenigan – Woke to bed jar ….Lasted 5secs …. No damage
  • Bali – Woke adult as a bed was shaking
  • Sanur, Bali – More of a rocking prodigy than shaking. Two waves of it that final about 10s each
  • Ubud – Very diseased shaking
  • Seminyak – A small jar and afterwards a impulse after a bed started to shake from side to side for about 4/5 seconds. Approx 5:54am. Another smaller one felt about an hour later.
  • Legian, Kuta – Woke adult during 5.45am. In a lavatory when a room started to shake. 10 seconds max
  • Ubud – Light shaking
  • Gili T – 2 -3 seconds a bed was shaking.
    No damage
    I was defunct and we asked myself if we was dreaming, afterwards we realised that something was unequivocally happening.
  • Canggu – Weak shaking
  • Amed – Strong shaking. People on a beach were incompetent to mount up. Roof tiles shook aloud though no repairs here.
  • Amed – was in Bed, assuage shaking
    the Agung Volcano is only 20km divided …
    we will see
  • Senggigi, Lombok – Maybe 10-15 sec. prolonged shaking. No indemnification purebred yet.
  • Keramas – Lying in bed and felt like someone was jar bed behind and forth, lasted about 10 seconds
  • Ubud – Light shaking
  • Legian – It woke me after large night before…on 4th fl of hotel building. Significant jar of bed and waves in swimming pool.I raced down stairs as i didnt know if some-more to come. Under volcano? Watch this space…
  • USGS

    Banjar Dukuh, Indonesia
    Nov 08 21:54

    I Felt It

  • Gili air – Light jar , Door creation sound vhil jar . Danish traveller holm
  • Ubud – Woke adult to a sound of jar walls and furniture. Lasted a few seconds.

    Bali Region, Indonesia
    Nov 08 21:54

    I Felt It


  • Bali – Woke adult around 6 am, bed shaking, windows rattling




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