Ministry highlights strategies to rise tourism

The world’s largest archipelago continues a pull to boost a series of tourists to a country, with a supervision progressing a tighten eye on a target.

The Tourism Ministry annually evaluates a strategy to strech a aim of attracting 20 million unfamiliar tourists and 375 million domestic tourists by 2020, a ministry’s growth and selling initial undersecretary, we Gede Pitana, has said.

“In 2012, a apportion [Arief Yahya] did change a structure and several strategies to perform a [figures],” we Gde Pitana told reporters in Jakarta on Monday as quoted by

The central serve laid out 3 stairs to rise tourism in Indonesia. 

1. Reducing travel fees

The plan is dubbed prohibited deals, that aims to revoke travel fees when a marketplace slows down.

Many industries are interlinked from a effects of a low season, when income reduces nonetheless operation losses continue nevertheless. The supervision will take advantage of this to reduce fees, Pitana said. 

“There are 22,000 seats on a packet from Singapore to Riau Islands, though during low season, usually approximately 40 percent are filled. We wish a remaining 60 percent to be sole during a cheaper cost during a low season,” Pitana said. 

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Other attractions would also exercise a approach, he went on, such as golfing in Bintan, that sits only opposite a Singapore Strait.

“If a accommodation, travel and a traveller attractions are [offered] during a low price, cost could be reduced by 70 percent,” Pitana said. 

Citing an instance of a prohibited understanding for unfamiliar tourists from Singapore, Pitana referred to a Rp 580,000 (US$41.2) golfing package in Bintan, that already includes packet rides and accommodation.

“This is not a loss. Because, even when empty, [businesses] would still need to compensate their employees. So, it is improved to sell during a reduce cost than [have] 0 intake,” Pitana said. 

2. Competitive Destination Model (CDM)

The CDM is satisfied online, where tourists worldwide are unprotected to information on Indonesia. 

“So, it works like this; if someone searched a rapids in Baidu, they would get information on waterfalls in Indonesia,” Pitana said. 

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The proceed is also practical on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. 

3. Subsidy for unfamiliar tourist 

The final plan is inducement sales, that are collaborations with licence craft companies and indiscriminate agencies for unfamiliar travelers. 

The association or group that would move unfamiliar tourists to Indonesia for a specific reason would be subsidized, depending on a series of visitors and a length of their stay. 

“The requirement is special licence flights and destinations other than Jakarta and Bali, since if it’s [Jakarta and Bali], there’s no need to finance since they are already crowded,” Pitana said. 

The plan aims to boost a series of tourists, while subsequently sensitive a economy internal communities. (liz/kes)


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