Married At First Sight: Tracey Jewel Explains Bali Vacation With Sean Thomsen

During an talk on FoxFM the star set a record true on a inlet of her attribute with Sean.

“I saw that there were photos of we in Bali with Sean and we immediately went, ‘Well, that’s that.’ You’re with Sean, clearly you’re no longer with Dean. Can we greatfully explain those photos?” radio horde Fifi Box asked Tracey.

“Sean was already there [in Bali] with a competitor from MAFS final year, Jesse [Konstantinoff]. So, he was already there … and yeah, we do bond on a show, and we all locate adult and we’re all friends,” she explained.

Dean, who was also there, commented in a background, “bulls**t”.

When Fifi asked if he would like to contend anything, he reliable Tracey’s comments, saying: “Nah, nah, that’s what happened.”

With only one some-more week of MAFS, we can’t wait to see how a attribute between Dean and Tracey pans out.

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