Marie -Thérèse Ukpo’s Holiday in Bali Was Simply Exotic & Breathtaking

Day 1
After 23 hours and 25 mins of drifting we finally arrived in Bali, Indonesia for The Suffy Experience for my 25th birthday! A VIP Airport Transfer Officer met us during a doorway of a aircraft; he escorted and assisted us by customs, pass control and container explain and led us to a beam for a whole trip, Yudi and a driver, Kabul.

Yudi gave us a comfortable acquire by “lei-ing” us with Frangipanis and gifting us a goody bag with dual bottles of dessert booze and normal Balinese snacks.

After a contented introduction, we done a approach from a airfield to a home in Bali, The Kunja Villas and Spa, a relaxing oasis in a heart of buzzing Seminyak.

As shortly as we walked into a villa we was blown divided by a sensuous greenery and lustrous blue swimming pool. The villa was designed to adopt a character of normal Balinese design as it facilities healthy teak timber and mill finishing. We were marred decaying by a seamless alloy of pleasing colours and textures of nature, pleasant foliage, flowers, insanely sensuous fabrics and superb use via a stay.

Day 2
At 9:30AM a subsequent day, a personal cook brought uninformed mixture to a villa and done us a tasty breakfast by a pool.

A few hours after we embarked on a clearly unconstrained tour by tiny roads and villages to a overwhelming Balangan Beach.

I chose Balangan Beach for a initial full day in Bali given we figured that given it was a sincerely dark gem that especially captivated surfers who would have all left by a time we arrived. We would flattering many have a beach to ourselves and we was right! We spent hours laying on object beds, sipping on coconuts and enjoying a breath-taking views of a coastline.

It was only what we indispensable after 24 hours of travelling.

Day 3
I woke adult on a third day feeling so sanctified and vehement given it was a eve of my birthday! The initial object on a bulletin was Seminyak shopping.

Bali has an altogether independent vibe and Seminyak is a mecca of independent conform so we clinging my whole afternoon to scour all a stores and picked adult some pleasing review wear and off-hand pieces of stackable jewellery.

A few of my favourite stores were:

• Drifter’s Surf Shop – The Home of a Most Coveted Luxury Aussie Swimwear Brands
• Magali Pascal – The Perfect Fusion of Parisian and Balinese Style Ready to Wear
• Thaiklia – The Most Exciting Bohemian Swimwear Experience

We arrived behind to a villa not prolonged after sunset, freshened up, had an unpretentious villa photo-shoot. Then, we headed to a tip French – Mediterranean excellent dining investiture in Bali, Metis. It’s utterly presumably Bali’s many worldly setting.

We dined surrounded by superb alfresco interiors over looking rice fields. Dinner was delicious, a cocktails were a ideal change of honeyed and clever and dessert was scrumptious. At 00:00AM on a dot, a waiters sang Happy Birthday to me in Balinese and presented me with even some-more deliciousness.

At 1:00AM only when we suspicion we was during a rise of complacency and gratitude, we met a sweetest surprise: my beloved had organised to have my room filled with pinkish balloons and a chocolate cake. This naturally led to a birthday photo-shoot followed by alcohol-induced float races in a private pool.

Day 4
I motionless to applaud my birthday during a many disdainful beach bar in Bali, Karma Kandara Beach. As we went down a precipice to a beach in a wire car, we was totally blown divided by a many breath-taking views of a Indian Ocean we had ever seen. We spent a whole day relaxing on sunbeds, celebration champagne, indulging in tasty epicurean pizza and holding dips in a pleasing waters until sunset.

At 22:00PM we went for cooking during a 1920’s desirous hotspot, Plantation Grill above Double Six Hotel. As we walked in we said, “This is a ideal brew of Ernest Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)!” From a solid done mirrored pillars to a potion windows unaware a ocean, a ambience was spectacular. we had Pan Fried Crab Cakes, The Wood Grilled “Tajima” 8+ Wagyu Burger with Sweet Potato Fries Flavoured with Black Truffle and Old School Bomb Alaska for dessert, DIVINE!

Day 5
Our fifth day in Bali was another day spent during a oppulance beachfront oasis located during a bottom of high cliffs. This time it was Sundays Beach Club. We encountered some-more extraordinary views, lounged on beanbags in a comfortable white silt and treated ourselves to appetizing dishes and cocktails.

At nightfall we pulled a beanbags to a nightly beach bonfire and roasted marshmallows in a open fire. It was a ideal beach day.

Day 6
At 8AM we were off to try a island’s jungle paradise, Ubud!

Our initial stop was a mind-blowing Tegallalang Rice Terraces. We wanted to get there early adequate to soak in a beauty of a landscape and take a few photos before it became swarming with tourists. Boy, was it value it!?

We hiked to a unequivocally tip and gifted a many humbling and marvellous views of a greenery, a internal farmers, as good as a jungle and Ayung River that surrounded us.

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for brunch during one of a best cafés in Bali, Folk Kitchen Espresso.

We pressed a faces with yumminess and afterwards changed over to sunbeds by a pool, to sip on creatively squeezed juices until it was time to conduct to a third location, a Ayung River.

We chose to knowledge a longest and many lively stream in Bali in a many stirring approach possible, H2O rafting in private rafts; it was SO MUCH FUN!

We spent about dual hours in a stream screaming during a tip of a lungs given we were removing soaked by a waves, paddling between outrageous rocks and roughly descending out of out a raft a few times. There were also relaxed moments, exploring startling dark waterfalls, rice fields and gorges along a way.

Day 7
We had an early breakfast and headed behind to Ubud to try a colourful villages, temples and rice fields of Bingli and to revisit one of a overwhelming dark gems in Bali, Tibumana Waterfall.

We hiked down 200 stairs to get to a healthy beauty and after a VERY required photo-shoot, we took a drop down a stream to a bottom of a rapids to feel a H2O rush opposite a skin. It was an irregular feeling.









At night we headed to cooking during Bikini. It’s a sexy, irritable and prosperous Miami-esque, New York room desirous grill in Seminyak. It was a strife between formidable and intensely worldly Asian cuisine, and a unequivocally playful, quirky and provocative ambience.

Those dual elements fused together so facilely and that heightened a whole knowledge for me. The display of a dishes and drinks were a best we had seen in Bali.

It was succulent art presented with so many flair. Every singular plate and cocktail we had (I was intrigued and flattering many systematic all on a menu) was delightfully tasty and had a wow factor. Hands down best excellent dining knowledge in Bali.

Day 8
Today was a central giveaway day so we seized a event to have a lunch assembly with my poetic business partners in Sanur.

At dinnertime we headed to nonetheless another Seminyak hotspot, Barcaboa.

we desired a décor! It was a vast room loft desirous space with flattering mosaic tiled floors. The grill specialises in Mexican character timber and colourless glow BBQ meats.

For dinner, we had Pan Seared Scallops, Charcoal Grilled Octopus with Spanish Potatoes and Liquid Nitrogen for dessert; all tasted heavenly!

Day 9
We spent a whole day lounging in a villa, and in a dusk my beloved and we headed to a Private Infinity Pool of La View Restaurant in Ubud for a ULTIMATE experience. We common a 5 – march twilight cooking underneath a canopy of stars while floating right in a center of a private forever pool and we were surrounded by superb views of jungle and a Ayung River.

Of march a knowledge wouldn’t have been finish but lustrous candles and hundreds of flower petals. There could not have been a improved approach to finish The Suffy Experience.

Day 10
Minutes before we had to leave for a airport, a villa staff any presented me with birthday gifts and wished us a protected tour behind to Nigeria.

It done me utterly romantic given we grew tighten to them in a 10 days we spent in Bali and we unequivocally appreciated how good they had taken caring of all of us via a holiday. we couldn’t have asked for a improved 25th birthday experience.

Suffy Travels @suffytravels – Holiday Designer Experience Planner
Marie – Thérèse Ukpo @mariethereseukpo – Holiday Curator Visual Storyteller
Indhita Aphrodite – Holiday Operator
A unequivocally special appreciate we to The Kunja Villas and Spa


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