Malu Dong festival highlights rubbish problem in Bali

Yoka Sara, one of Bali’s many eminent architects, picked adult a new hobby: collecting cigarette butts.

His stylish bureau in downtown Denpasar is being gradually annexed by boxes filled with thousands of cigarette butts. One day, he has revealed, he will use those cigarette butts to erect a enormous art designation in one of a city’s squares.

The new hobby and devise for a designation is not driven by Yoka’s artistic inspiration, which, in a final few years, has been a primary engine behind SPRITES, a array of open performances featuring collaborative pieces combined by a island’s immature artists.

This time, however, a pushing force is rancour over a miss of open recognition per one of a island’s many dire problems: uncollected trash.

“Many people weakly chuck their cigarette butts on a ground, that is a outrageous explanation of a opinion a vast series of people have toward trash. They simply don’t care,” he pronounced over a potion of excellent singular malt Scotch.

His celebration buddies nodded in unison. The assembly took place a few weeks ago on a spacious dusk during Voltvet, a hip café on Denpasar’s ancestral Veteran Street. They were deliberating a devise to theatre a vital art and song festival directed during educating a open on a sobriety of a island’s rabble problem.

Fresh hope: Children lift colorful Malu Dong Community flags during a transport march on Monday. Many of a organization’s programs concentration on educating a subsequent generation.(Malu Dong Community/File)

Sitting subsequent to Yoka was Komang Sudiartha, a internal of Tampak Gangsul hamlet, who alongside Putu Teryl has orderly community-based clean-up activities given 2009.

Fondly called “Bemo,” after a open transport outpost of yesteryears, Sudiartha was a impulse behind a investiture of Malu Dong Community (MDC) final year, an romantic classification that set a sights on rebellious a rubbish problem.

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Yoka, Bemo and Marlowe Bandem were some of a co-founders of MDC, that boasts members from opposite generations and occupations.

“It is bizarre how people select to bury their rubbish in a silt during a beach or subsequent to a tree instead of fixation it in a rubbish bin,” Bemo said.

Since a inception, MDC has orderly a weekly beach clean-up during Mertasari beach in Sanur, and sent a volunteers to countless festivals, including a packaged PICA wardrobe festival, to teach a visitors and support them in collecting garbage. It has also orderly unchanging Trashveling programs, during that volunteers transport to renouned destinations and muster a locals to control clean-up activities.

Statement: The festival print bears a absolute message: (Malu Dong Community/File)

Furthermore, it rallies girl communities to widespread a summary of “malu dong  buang sampah sembarangan” (you should be ashamed of littering), by open campaigns in a genuine and practical realms.

As MDC expands a operation to Gianyar and Jembrana, a colorful flags and banners, temperament a signature unhappy face and a summary “malu dong buang sampah sembarangan,” now can be seen in schools opposite Denpasar, as good as vital open events and critical church rituals opposite a island.

Balinese Hindu rituals beget a outrageous volume of rabble and a success of a island’s quarrel opposite rabble would be really most dynamic by a approach a Hindu supporters conduct that trash.

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MDC’s devise to theatre an art and song festival will take figure this weekend. Organized to applaud Earth Day and MDC’s initial anniversary, a two-day festival, dubbed Malu Dong Festival, will underline storytelling sessions, workshops on recycling and upcycling, exhibitions, art installations, picture painting, video mapping as good as song concerts.

“It is a volunteer-based festival, in that all a participants, including a musicians, proffer their time and appetite to seem in a festival. To some extent, it reflects a augmenting transformation of support for this recognition movement,” Marlowe Bandem said. The festival is upheld by a internal sekeha teruna teruni (youth organizations of a normal hamlets) and scores of artistic communities, including NK13 tradition motorcycle village and Antida Music Production.

Music sensation: Zat Kimia is one of several renouned bands that have volunteered to perform during a two-day Malu Dong Festival.(Malu Dong Community/File)

“The song concerts will see some of a island’s best talents, including Joni Agung Double T, Emoni, Nostress, Zat Kimia, Lily of a Valley and Navicula. All of these artists share regard of a environmental hurdles confronting Bali,” Antida’s owner Anom Darsana said.

Prior to a festival, MDC has means MDC flags to a Mayor of Denpasar IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra, who is to discharge them to banjar (traditional hamlets) opposite a city’s 43 villages. On Apr 17, hundreds of children from Tainsiat and Tampak Gangsul hamlets participated in a transport march to lift a MDC flags and signs to Puputan Badung square, a categorical venue of a festival.

“It is a common effort, and hopefully we will strech a indicate where a whole island will mount together to understanding with this problem,” Yoka said.

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