Makansutra: The wonders of warteg during Indonesian food stall-style grill Tok Tok

In my makan margin trips to Indonesia, we remarkable that one of a some-more renouned eating establishments is a warteg – a internal kopitiam, guy chye and zi burn case all rolled into one.

The name is a multiple of warung (small shop) and Tegal (a city in Java).

People group to a warteg when they know what they wish to eat or drink.

The menu is huge, and it has a shrill and accessible atmosphere.

Turns out, there is a common chronicle of this in Singapore.

Walking into Tok Tok took me behind to my highway trips in Java.

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Indonesian food here need no longer be usually about nasi padang, satay, soto or even incorporate buntut (oxtail soup) anymore.

A warteg in S’pore
Tthe interior of Tok Tok Indonesian Soup HousePHOTO: MAKANSUTRA

The small break arrangement and sequence counter, a colours, no-frills dais and list set-up all remind me of a warteg.

The usually disproportion is a menu – it is approach smaller though no reduction authentic.

The Nasi Campur Bali ($9.90) is Tok Tok’s signature rice set, and it looks positively alluring.


Soft rice is a bed for a telor balado (sambal egg), tempe orek (sweet and sharp tempe), stir-fried prolonged beans, beef satay, beef rendang, dendeng balado (spicy beef jerky), shredded duck and a dollop of sambal.

It is sweet, salty, spicy, crispy and totally aromatic.


It is tough to go wrong with this. At slightest one object will greatfully you.

They have a lovable small nasi lemak-like break container – a Nasi Jinggo ($3.90) – with glassy tempe, Balinese shredded chicken, shredded omelette, housemade sambal and rice, and a apportionment of boiled noodles.

The Mie Ayam Bakso ($8) will ambience plain and spicy.

The noodles are easily seasoned, and we ladle in a thriving volume of a sambal, toss it, afterwards assimilate it with shredded chicken, greens and a play of soup with stretch beef balls.

It is a morality that creates this plate moreish.

The Sate Ayam (chicken satay, 6 sticks for $5.80) has all a authentic touches in place, right down to a creamy, sharp peanut sauce, crispy shallots and any volume of kicap manis we want.

But a letdown was a chicken. It came firmer and drier than a ones we venerate in Jakarta, mostly due to supply peculiarity here.

They use uninformed kampung duck behind in Indonesia.

The Es Cendol Durian ($4.50) hits all a right notes, from soothing pandan jellies to honeyed and soothing red beans to swampy soothing ice with good-grade gula melaka and coconut milk.

The beating was a dollop of durian. It came solidified and iced, and that irritated me. It should have been creamy, cold and soft.

Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House

18, Ann Siang Road, #01-01
11am to 9pm daily
Tel: 6221-1760

K.F. Seetoh, a owner of Makansutra, dabbles in travel food businesses like Food Markets and has his possess TV shows on cable. He publishes food guides and online content. He is also a creator of a World Street Food Congress. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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