Lovina Festival 2017 to beauty Bali in September

Lovina Beach in a northern seashore of Bali is set to horde a four-day festival starting from Sept. 14.

“Activities of a Lovina Festival 2017 will be centered during Kalibukbuk Beach and upheld by Buleleng as partial of efforts to urge a tourism,” pronounced Culture and Tourism Agency conduct we Nyoman Sutrisna.

Themed “Enjoy a Difference”, a opening eventuality will underline a array of performances and activities, such as Baleganjur , Gebogan Parade, Gong Kebyar, Ki Barak Panji Sakti dance, longhorn competition in Kaliasem encampment and wayang (shadow puppets) performance.

On a second day, a festival will horde Yoga Asana Health Beauty activity, trade and culinary exhibitions, dance performances and Sampi Gerubungan.

The subsequent day will be filled with art and song performances, bonangan race and gong kebyar wanita Kalibukbuk Bondres.

Meanwhile, activities scheduled in a final day include Megangsing Parade, Kebyar performance, Megenjekan and Gong.

Lovina is a black silt beach that is famous to be a place for examination common bottlenose dolphin swimming and jumping out of a ocean. Arriving here, visitors will be greeted with a five-meter dolphin statue located tighten to a opening gate.

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The best time to accommodate these mammals is early in a morning during sunrise.

The plcae of Lovina Festival 2017 itself will be 9 kilometers divided from Singaraja and 80 km (three to 4 hours drive) from Denpasar.

From Denpasar, tourists need to take a mini train from Ubing train depot in North Denpasar and go to Singaraja, that is 11 km from a eastern partial of Lovina. The transport from Singaraja train depot to Lovina or a western partial of a island is around Rp 30,000 (US$ 2.25).

If a starting indicate is from Ngruah Rai International Airport, tourists can accost a cab to Lovina. It takes during slightest 4 hours to get to Lovina and a cab transport is around Rp 300,000. For a some-more affordable option, visitors can take a cab usually to a Denpasar train terminal.

For those entrance from Gilimanuk, a transport generation to Lovina is around 4 hours while from Ubud is around 3 hours, and visitors will still have to take a train from Singaraja train terminal. (kes)

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