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BRIGHTON (CBS)- The U.S. airstrikes sent to a Syrian airfield has brought churned emotions to Syrian immigrants in America.

In a midst of war, Mahmoud Elsayed fled Syria 5 years ago and found a new life owning a grill Taboosh in Brighton.

His thoughts are always with his family, his people, and a assault they live with bland underneath a rough Assad regime.

“You know when you’re draining and there’s no blood anymore, when we feel like there’s no tears left to cry,” pronounced Elsayed.

Elsayed believes a U.S. airstrike opposite a Syrian airfield, was only adequate to send a clever summary following this week’s lethal chemical weapons conflict on civilians.

syria missiles Local Immigrants Hope For Solutions Amid Crisis In Syria

The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter fires a Tomahawk land conflict barb on Apr 7, 2017 in a Mediterranean Sea. (Photo by Ford Williams/U.S. Navy around Getty Images)

However, Elsayed is anticipating for a political, not a troops resolution in his country.

“Hopefully move people behind to a table, find a resolution for this fight since we are unequivocally pang everywhere.”

It is a identical view felt by Dr. Taha Bali, a neurologist during Tufts Medical Center, who came to a United States from Syria 8 years ago.

“Syria does not wish a full blown advance like what is function in Iraq. It’s only a something that nobody has asked for nor is it necessary,” pronounced Bali.

Bali pronounced it is required for a U.S. and a general village to request a kind of vigour in Syria that a U.S. exerted final night.

“Just by a U.S. signaling this is not going to go violent and finished in coordination with many countries in a world. Nobody wants a U.S. to do this singular handedly.”

Dr. Bali pronounced a country’s preference to send airstrikes helped finish a polite fight that has killed hundreds of thousands and ravaged a country.

WBZ-TV’s Juli McDonald reports

On Boston Common Friday night, a throng of protesters had a transparent summary – probity for Syria.

Holding their signs in a air, a organisation hold refugees in their hearts. One lady believes lives would have been saved in this week’s chemical weapons attack, if those trusting civilians were acquire in a United States.

“(President Donald) Trump refused to let them in,” said Siham Byah. “Please don’t tell me this is out of a affability of your heart and that we saw pleasing babies.”

protest Local Immigrants Hope For Solutions Amid Crisis In Syria

A convene in support of Syria on Boston Common. (WBZ-TV)

Byah attended a convene with her 8-year-old son, who she wanted to see contend no to injustice.

“Hands off Syria means we don’t wish any bombings or any wars with chemical weapons in Syria or anywhere else,” a immature child said.

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