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According to, and roughly translated from, a Bali Post, a declare on a stage said: “The condition of a victim’s chest is blue and presumably died on a approach to a hospital. While a instructor gifted blue on a left leg thigh.”

Indonesian news outlet, Detik News, reports: “The locals went directly to a two, a instructor was saved though a initial assist bid for Denis was in vain.” 

The occurrence occurred during Batu Bolong Beach, also famous as Old Man’s, located during a southern corner of Bali’s Canggu region. Waves there are accessible for longboarders, SUPs, and beginners alike. It’s also a rarely renouned traveller destination.

While a chances of being struck by lightning are proverbially rare, it does happen. South African pro surfer, Pierre Tostee, was struck in 1987 in Newcastle, Australia during a universe pro debate foe – he went to a sanatorium though was behind in a jersey a following day. In 2014, a 20-year-old lady was killed from a lightning strike while swimming in Venice Beach. And in 2015, a surfer was left in vicious condition during a identical occurrence nearby Byron Bay.

The means of genocide from a Belgian traveller in Bali has nonetheless to be confirmed. But fatalities compared with lightning mostly engage cardiac arrest, seizures, or respiratory arrest. Less lethal, though also triggered by lightning strikes, are third grade burns.

Dasoul was reportedly in Bali with an unnamed womanlike companion.

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