Liberia: Crown Hill, Slip Way Residents Demand Relocation Package Ahead of Bali Island Project

Monrovia – Residents of communities that would be influenced by a construction of a overpass to couple executive Monrovia with Bali Island are proposing an early relocation package before a start of a project.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, This email residence is being stable from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to perspective it.

The residents explain government’s early formulation of a relocation devise will safeguard a well-spoken swell of a ‘New Monrovia’ project.

The supervision recently announced a construction of a complicated discussion gymnasium on Bali Island.

The residents, who are mostly of a Slip-way and Crown Hill communities, are promulgation early SOS calls to a supervision of Liberia to avert any probable tension.

The ‘New Monrovia’ project, according to a government, will also embody a overpass construction over a Du River. The construction of a overpass by Sip Way or Crown Hill means residents along a stream bank will remove their homes.

Madam Yassah Kamara, 73, has lived in a Slip-Way Community for over 40 years. She is worrying that her home competence be demolished to accommodate a construction of a bridge.

Her late father assembled their home when Slip Way village was isolated. Now, she’s disturbed about her children and grandchildren apropos homeless.

“It will be frustrating when supervision finished us homeless though giving us a low for a property,” she said.

Madam Kamara relies on rents from tenants occupying bedrooms in her five-bedroom house.

“Since my father died, it is this residence that profitable my children propagandize fees. The lease we beget each 6 months is used to compensate and take caring of my 4 children and 6 good grandchildren, so if supervision takes this place and destroy my residence though giving me anything, where will my children live, how will we get income to feed them.”

Meanwhile, a supervision is tight-lipped on any probable relocation package for residents of a communities. The Ministry of Information has refused to criticism on a situation.

A FrontPage Africa contributor was catastrophic when he visited a Ministry to pronounce with a suitable officials to yield sum of supervision skeleton and a probable relocation package for would-be influenced residents.

Assistant Minister David Kolleh referred a FPA contributor to Deputy Minister Eugene Fanhgon, who pronounced he could not pronounce strictly on a matter. He betrothed to get sum from a Minister of Public Works before responding. He however remained tight-lipped adult to press time.

Meanwhile, some residents hailed a stress of a project, though advise that supervision draws a remuneration plan.

“We are happy, and we acquire a supervision beginning to rise that island, though we are job on a supervision to start a remuneration shortly for those who will be influenced by a construction of a overpass that will couple a island,” Marie Zoubon, a proprietor of Slip Way told FPA.

Ma Marie, as she is called by many in a community, emphasized a need for a supervision to call village dwellers to a assembly and plead a approach forward.

“Meeting a village people and revelation them where a devise will start from and who are those that will be influenced will help, it is required to equivocate a normal Liberian criticism for benefits,” she explained.

“It will move honour to us when we demeanour opposite a island and we see good buildings and fine, excellent structures.”

Youths of a village have voiced joining to assistance a supervision disseminate information concerning a island devise to village residents.

“We are scheming to go from residence to residence and place to place to surprise a people about this island project,” says Peter Yancy, a girl of Crown Hill Community.

 “We will adore to see a nation rise and we will not rest in swelling a good news about this devise until we see it being done.”

While many residents are lauding a plan, some are assured that growth comes with issues that can be mitigated.

“We all know that growth comes with heedfulness though those who are approaching to be influenced by a devise need to be good taken caring of and compensated before a derivation of a devise since we don’t wish sound between supervision and a people for a emanate of relocation,” Siah Momo said.

Currently, many see a island an deserted land with some holding advantage by carrying out bootleg activities including burying a passed and hunting.

“Some people buried on that island that we all know, some people go there to hunt, though for me, we used to go there to play football and perform myself.  But with a construction of a new city over there, it will attract investors and even Liberians who have not come home for a prolonged time to be unapproachable of their country,” pronounced Moses Yekepele, another proprietor of Crown Hill community.

While others are disturbed about their relocation, some residents explain that supervision is putting out a small bluff. They explain supervision is confused to erect a bridge, so they have turn constructing new homes.

“Our boss is putting adult bluff, when former President Samuel Doe came to energy he came with that same devise for a Island though he couldn’t exercise it for some reasons, who told we a stream boss means to build on that island,” Joseph Tamba, a proprietor of Slip Way said.

Another resident, Paul Morris of Crown Hill community, claims a President is usually perplexing to confuse a Liberian people with promises that can't be implemented.



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