Let’s Compare 3 Hotels On Zanzibar’s East Coast

Trying to collect a place to stay in Zanzibar is like perplexing to find a place to stay in Bali, New York City, and Detroit. In other words, there are large choices and we don’t wish to finish adult on a bad side of town.

View of the Sea View Cottage during the Shooting Star Lodge. Yoga perplexity not included.

To slight a focus, we’re going to usually inspect 3 hotels that are located on Zanzibar’s fantastic easterly coast.

One thing that creates Zanzibar’s eastern seaside so fascinating is a strenuous tidal movement. During low tide, we can travel a kilometer before a H2O gets deep. This thespian change of view ensures that we will always have something engaging to demeanour at.

In Zanzibar, you’ll have copiousness of giveaway time to scrawl names in a silt and do stupid jumping photos. (Credit: Getty Images)

Let’s inspect 3 glorious hotel options:

Each hotel has a strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re looking for a best hotel, regardless of price, there is no contest: a Boutique Hotel Matlai wins. Nobody serves improved food, has improved views, offers bigger rooms, delivers some-more remoteness and booty we to a impassioned like a Matlai. Read my full examination of a Boutique Hotel Matlai.

The huge Villa Kidosho during a Boutique Hotel Matlai has usually dual rooms. So we have a lot of genuine estate to yourself.

The Matlai’s plaque startle (generally $400-500/night for a couple) might enforce we to demeanour during a other dual hotels, that are many cheaper.

The Shooting Star Lodge is one of a oldest lodges on Zanzibar’s easterly coast. It began when Elly Mlang’a, a Tanzanian, built a bar and grill in a early 1990s. Over a decades, he’s been adding units and facilities. Today, it has a spa, dual bars (including one on a beach) and an forever pool, that was a initial one in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar’s initial forever pool is still alluring. (@ Shooting Star Lodge)

The vibe is relaxed. It attracts couples of all ages. There are house games and books to relax in.

There are 3 forms of accommodations. The compress “Garden Room,” a atmospheric “Sea View Cottage” and a dual grand “Monsoon Villas.” All have prohibited water, fans and atmosphere conditioning.

Prices operation from $105/night for a bed-and-breakfast singular in a Garden Room during a low deteriorate to $1,015/night for full-board (3 meals) for 4 people in a villa during a high season. They’re sealed from Apr 7 to Jun 7.

The master bedroom during a Shooting Star Lodge’s fine villa is large adequate to let your kids nap it in if we wish to hurt your regretful evening.

I stayed in a atmospheric Sea View Cottage, that goes for $250 per night for a integrate during low season. They adorn a room with flowers everywhere. The lodge has dual singular beds on a second floor, that would be ideal if we have dual children (or adult friends) fasten you. It includes a smorgasboard breakfast.

The Shooting Star Lodge lunch and cooking menu is à la carte unless we asked for half-or full-board. Appetizers are $5-8 and a entrees are $13-18. The food is juicy though picky foodies should go to a Seasons Lodge or a Boutique Hotel Matlai given both offer higher cuisine.

The Shooting Star Lodge’s loll area and bar.

The views during all 3 hotels are spectacular. You can’t lose.

If we devise to spend many of a day lounging on a sandy beach, preference a Shooting Star Lodge and a Boutique Hotel Matlai. At high tide, a beach during a Seasons Lodge scarcely disappears.

High waves usually lasts a integrate of hours so if we don’t mind waiting, afterwards Seasons Lodge stays a good choice, generally given it is in a usually hotel among a 3 that offers sea kayaks for free. Therefore, use high waves as an forgive to try a seashore on possibly a one-person or two-person kayak.

The Shooting Star Lodge has a private staircase to a beach and copiousness of sand, even during high tide.

If you’d like to chill out to some DJ song by a pool, bar and grill on Sunday afternoons, then go to a Seasons Lodge. In fact, their famous Sunday Sessions are giveaway and open to a open so you’re acquire to join even if you’re staying during another hotel.

The Sunday Sessions song is ideal chillout song and is never too loud. It’s always an heterogeneous general throng comprised of both tourists and expats who live in Zanzibar. Children are welcome. The song ends during 8:00 p.m. so that guest concentration on a sounds of a waves during night. If you’re in Zanzibar on a Sunday, it’s value going to a Seasons Lodge Sunday Sessions.

The Shooting Star Lodge offers a widest operation of accommodations. On one impassioned is a garden-facing rooms, that are customary in size. On other impassioned is a Shooting Star Lodge villas, that have a tiny private pool, a medium kitchen, 3 floors, including a roof rug with a jacuzzi.

As considerable as a Shooting Star Lodge villa is, a villa during a Boutique Hotel Matlai is even some-more considerable – and nonetheless a cost comparable.

Although mosquitoes aren’t strenuous on Zanzibar’s easterly coast, you’ll wish to nap in a net to pledge a good night.

Seasons Lodge has a quirkiest vibe among a 3 hotels. It has heterogeneous and strange art via a immeasurable property. The bedrooms have roughly a rustic, artsy feel. If you’re into that, Seasons Lodge is a best choice.

If you’re looking for something a bit some-more traditional, a other dual hotels are a improved fit.

Seasons Lodge delivers a best value for those on a despotic budget. 

The Shooting Star Lodge forever pool is in good shape.

If we wish good service, they’re all good options though this is how we would arrange them:

  1. Boutique Hotel Matlai
  2. Seasons Lodge
  3. Shooting Star Lodge (they had glorious use though a integrate of times a dish staff was a bit sluggish)

Dive into a Boutique Hotel Matlai

To summarize, if your bill is:

  • Less than $200/day, stay during a Seasons Lodge.
  • Around $300/day, stay during a Shooting Star Lodge’s Sea View Cottage (or spend some-more days during a Seasons Lodge).
  • Above $400/day, stay during a Boutique Hotel Matlai.

Read my full examination of a Seasons Lodge or a Boutique Hotel Matlai.

The Seasons Lodge cottages are warm, friendly and private.

For $50, an airfield cab will take we to any of these hotels.

If Wi-Fi is important, skip a Shooting Star Lodge given a Wi-Fi is usually accessible in a categorical open area, that includes a bar, grill and pool. The other dual hotels offer Wi-Fi everywhere, including a rooms.

On a other hand, no matter where we go in Zanzibar, a WiFi is a bit a slow. However, before we complain, ask yourself: did we come all a approach to Zanzibar to roller a web or a waves?

Disclosure: we perceived a special press rate during all 3 hotels to do this design comparison.

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