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Tourists suffer a perspective during Bukit Merese Hills in Lombok, Indonesia. Photo by author

LOMBOK — A speedboat divided from celebration beach Bali, Lombok in Indonesia has something to offer tourists of all backgrounds and beliefs.

While it continues to attract Western tourists since of a beaches, Lombok also seeks to foster a Islamic birthright and boost traveller arrivals of Muslim travelers.

The primarily Muslim island is during a core of an Islamic tourism expostulate in Indonesia, charity a good holiday end for Muslim travelers and anyone looking for a culturally enriching destination.

The Indonesian Islamic Tourism Association of West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia, in partnership with a Embassy of Indonesia in a Philippines and upheld by Air Asia Philippines, recently invited media and debate operators from 10 countries around a creation to Lombok.

Based on a tour, here’s what creates Lombok a Muslim-friendly destination.

The Islamic Center in Mataram. Photo by author

1. Mosques and accessibility of request rooms

Indonesia’s inland Sasak clan is primarily Muslim yet a Balinese Hindu enlightenment also stays in Lombok. While we can find a series of Hindu temples here, Lombok is some-more famous for a mosques. In fact, it’s called a “island of 1,000 mosques” and Muslim tourists are certain to find places of ceremony and shrines dedicated to ancient Muslim preachers in between sightseeing and beach-hopping.

The call to request or a Adhaan can be listened via Lombok and Muslim tourists can simply find request comforts for group as good as women. Airports are also versed with request bedrooms for those in transit.

The Islamic Center in Mataram is a grandest and largest mosque in West Nusa Tenggara, welcoming visitors of all faiths. The mosque contains a vast executive request hall. Visitors can even stand to a tip of a minaret, 13 floors above travel turn to get extraordinary views of a whole southern partial of a island.

The Islamic Center is a designated Shariah traveller area and imperative Muslim wardrobe is required. Non-Muslim tourists wearing garments such as shorts or off-the-shoulder shirts will need to wear normal Muslim wardrobe to enter.

Other important places of ceremony to revisit embody a Masjid Bayan Beleq, a oldest mosque in Lombok; and Selong Great Mosque, a categorical mosque on a island.

A villa room during Black Penny in Gili Trawangan island. The hotel is not Crescent-rated though has a grill that serves Halal dishes. Photo by author

2. Halal hotels with Muslim-friendly facilities

Finding a place to stay in Lombok is not a problem for Muslim travelers as some-more hotels find to benefit Shariah certification, that is designated by a Crescent Rating, a globally famous rating standards formed on a Halal/Muslim accessible services it provides.

In sequence to be certified, hotels contingency have signs indicating towards Mecca, enclose copies of a Koran in their bedrooms and have a kitchen where halal food is prepared.

Halal hotels mostly do not have adult TV channels and contingency safeguard water-friendliness (bidet sprays) are partial of their spotless facilities.

Some Muslim-friendly hotel and review options embody Holiday Resort Lombok, Svarga Resort Lombok and Kebun Villas Resort, to name a few. The Santosa Villas Resort Lombok offers Halal breakfast, does not offer pig or alcoholic beverages in their restaurant, has a mushola (prayer room), as good as a sauna core with masculine and womanlike therapists for same-gender services.

Halal dishes during Kila Senggigi Beach in Lombok. Photo by author

3. Halal cuisine

Finding Halal cuisine is mostly a plea for Muslim travelers in many destinations, though in Lombok, tourists don’t have to go out of their approach to find one. Restaurants portion general and internal cuisine can be found via a island, with tip Halal-assured and Halal-certified places, as good as establishments that tag their food, found within a categorical city areas. Seafood and vegetarian restaurants can also be found widely in Lombok.

For those streamer to Gili Trawangan island, Black Penny Villas Restaurant offers Halal options and Indonesian favorites like nasi goreng (fried rice churned with chicken, shrimps and shredded vegetables) and mie goreng (fried yellow noodles)

The in-house grill of Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel also offers several Halal and normal Lombok dishes including Ayam Taliwang (grilled open duck with Lombok spices), Sate Rembiga (beef satay), Sate Ikan Tanjung (fish satay churned with coconut milk, lemongrass, chilli pepper), Plecing Kangkung (spicy H2O spinach dish) and Bebalung (beef ribs soup).

Tourists can also find internationally famous fast-food joints in Lombok such as KFC and McDonald’s all of that are Halal.

Tourists with a cidomo or horse-drawn carriage, a internal ride in Gili Trawangan island in Lombok. Photo by author

4. Less-crowded destinations

Lombok offers all tourists a accumulation of fun activities to do and and sights to see from informative attractions to outside activities.

The Gili Islands — 3 tiny remote islands fibbing only offshore of Lombok — are renouned traveller hubs for visiting tourists. Gili Trawangan, a celebration island, is a largest, many grown and many sharp-witted of a three. Gili Meno offers a tiny and still shun ideal for honeymooners, while Gili Air offers a good laidback and chill brew of a two.

The beach spots are deemed less-crowded compared to Bali, with colourful beachfront restaraunts portion several (including Halal) food options, beaches and water-based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and fishing. In fact, internal guides collate Lombok to how Bali was 20 years ago.

On a categorical island, renouned beaches in Lombok embody Selong Belanak Beach, Mawun Beach, and Tanjung Aan Beach, where there are reduce chances for Muslim travelers to confront Western tourists dressed in petty wardrobe and bikinis.

Kuta Mandalika is a secretly owned area of land that has been set out for high-end, oppulance growth including 5-star hotels, a golf course, private villas and residences, sea and watersports activities.

Bukit Merese in Lombok, Indonesia. Photo by author

A prominence for travelers is to travel adult Bukit Merese Hill on Kuta Lombok, where we can suffer a overwhelming breathtaking perspective of opposite coves below.

For those who have time, movement to a rise of Mount Rinjani is another tip pull in Lombok. Standing during 3,726 meters, this is one of Indonesia’s top volcanoes.

5. Wide commemoration options

No outing is finish though selling souvenirs to take home to friends and family. The best place for commemoration selling here is Sasaku Lombok, a vast room character boutique that sells a far-reaching operation of wardrobe options including normal sarongs and textiles and engineer t-shirts that paint modern-day Lombok.

A traveller looking during textiles for sale during Sasaku Lombok. Photo by author

These aren’t your standard mass-produced traveller t-shirts, though select and stylish attire showcasing racial art, a roller vibe and cocktail culture. Modest long-sleeved shirts, tunics, skirts and prolonged pants for women can be found alongside a common sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts and dresses, giving Muslim travelers some-more options.

Sasaku Lombok also sells accessories, bags, ceramics, pearl valuables and finished Halal food products.

Pearls for sale during Gem Pearls. Photo by author

For those who wish to go pearl shopping, conduct to Gem Pearls and Restaurant, that offers a far-reaching operation of good peculiarity pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Air Asia flies daily from Manila to Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. Lombok can be reached by a 2-hour moody from Jakarta or 30-minute moody from Bali. Lombok can also be reached by quick boats (2 hours) and open ferries (4-5 hours) from several points in Bali. For flights, check out www.airasia.com

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