Leap into universe of journey over Dannevirke plantation life

Dannevirke’s Mathew Baxter and his German partner Ann-Sophie Reintjes are experiencing life distant private from a tillage dairy plantation where Mathew grew up, as they try Europe and beyond.

“Travelling has been a best thing we have motionless to do and by it we have had some of a many noted practice and met some unequivocally engaging people along a way,” Mathew said.

Ann-Sophie Reintjes from Germany, Mathew Baxter’s girlfriend.

“We devise to be behind in New Zealand for 3 months in Feb and are anticipating to bond with lots of engaging people and places while we’re home too.”

From a dairy tillage family in Te Rehunga, Mathew ran a personal training business in Sydney for 5 years until 2014.

“I realised it wasn’t for me. we indispensable a career change,” he said.

Mathew Baxter left milking a cows in Te Rehunga to others and set out to try as most of a universe as possible. Photo/Supplied

“I motionless to transport for a while and hopefully figure out what we wanted to do, so we sealed adult for a work and transport visa in Canada.

“I found work during a ski review and this is where Sophie and we met.”

The integrate motionless to join a crony and buy a GMC Safari and take a highway outing from a easterly of Canada and a United States to a west.

“The Safari was converted so we could nap in a back,” Mathew said.

“We even had a automobile embellished in New York’s Times Square by a transport artist for free.

“This took about dual months afterwards we forsaken off a crony behind in west Canada while we found work in Vancouver, still vital in a van.

“We both worked dual jobs to maximize a assets so we could continue a travels.”

After a month a integrate gathering down a west seashore of a United States, still vital in their outpost Betsy. From Miami they flew to Jamaica and on to a Bahamas.

“Back in Miami we flew to Central America, initial to Panama before finale adult in Mexico City,” Mathew said.

“We backpacked, carrying left a outpost behind in a USA with a keys in it for a subsequent propitious person.

“To save income we stayed in unequivocally inexpensive hostels and took usually duck buses to get around and walked over a limit checkpoints.”

After cot surfing in Hawaii, a integrate returned to Dannevirke for Christmas and New Year, travelling and staying in backpackers accommodation.

“This was so Sophie could knowledge New Zealand as a traveller,” Mathew said.

“After 5 months in New Zealand we headed to Australia and afterwards on to Asia.”

From Bali to Singapore, Malaysia and on to Thailand, a integrate congested as most as they could into their time there.

“We hiked to mountain clan villages, bathed with elephants (one even stood adult while we was soaking a behind and we had to get off ‘Jungle Book-style’ and float down a trunk), were sanctified and tattooed with bamboo by a priest and we even did a modernized diver’s march on an island in a south,” Mathew said.

“After we had explored Thailand we changed on to Cambodia, before drifting to Nepal and travelling by to India.

“After India we went to Amsterdam, where we stayed a month and did a bartender’s course.

“Then it was on to Germany, where we practical for a work and a transport visa so we could stay in Europe and work in Germany for adult to a year.

“Since afterwards we have been travelling by Europe and North Africa.”

While in Ghent, Belgium, a integrate found themselves capturing on film for their blog a nasty quarrel between normal candy-stall operators that has done headlines opposite a country.

“It’s a prolonged approach from milking cows in Te Rehunga,” Mathew said.

“In Belgium, candy is traditionally sole and done by vendors called cuberdons [“noses” in English]. Near a Groentenmarkt there are dual stallholders offered these candies from wagons.

“These dual vendors have a famous story of fighting, hidden and violation any other’s things.

“The locals call this ‘neuzekesoorlog’, or ‘little nose war’.

“Once we listened about this feud, we wanted to go see if it was genuine or only for promotion.

“We asked a initial transport owners (who claims he didn’t know we were filming, even yet we had a large camera set adult and told him we were), he was revelation us about a noses.

“But when asked about a other transport and a tighten proximity, he went on a large diatribe directed during a workman [not a owner] Younes Benzaza.

“The diatribe was a unequivocally approach dislike of a worker’s competition and this has sparked a adversary again in Ghent and we were in a center of it all.

“To assistance with a finances were are now removing into online media and selling by a Instagram pages, a blog and YouTube.”

• You can follow Mathew and Sophie on their Instagram account, sophodophalus, and on YouTube – WastedLife.

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