Lawsuits explain tip San Diego restaurants defrauding consumers with smallest salary surcharge – The San Diego Union

Lawsuits have been filed opposite some-more than a dozen San Diego restaurants and dining groups claiming they are defrauding their congregation by illegally tacking on a surcharge to customers’ bills that many operators have been regulating to defray augmenting labor costs.

Named in a suits, that have been filed over a final 8 months by a internal consumer rights law firm, are some of San Diego’s top form dining venues, from George’s during a Cove and Mister A’s to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza Grill and a Cohn Restaurant Group, that has tighten to a integrate dozen restaurants in a county.

The surcharges, that can operation from 2 percent to 4 percent of a cost of a meal, have turn increasingly common given San Diego’s smallest salary jumped to $11.50 an hour in January, that during a time was a second such travel in 6 months.

The lawsuits lay that a surcharges violate mixed principle of a state business code, among them fake promotion and astray competition. A territory of a California Consumers Legal Remedies Act is also cited in some of a complaints to accelerate their explain that a surcharges are unlawful.

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