Launching a new Bali hotel ad debate during a volcano hazard – confidant or brainless?

A week-on given a news erupted all over amicable media and a publication press, Dr Mumbo was starting to feel a bit fatigued by a harsh coverage of Bali’s flighty Mount Agung volcano.

Nevertheless, now that Bali’s administrator has announced a state-of-emergency due to a tear threat, Dr M is utterly certain he won’t be holding a holiday there any time soon.

Yet notwithstanding a panic, some people contingency still be engagement trips. Why else would we launch an ad debate for a new Bali hotel, right?

In fact, a new debate compelling a opening of InterContinental-owned Hotel Indigo was expelled on Facebook on Sep 22. – the really same day a Indonesian authorities lifted a warning turn to a highest, causing some-more than 11,000 villagers in a closeness to leave their homes.

But forget that. As you’ll see from a video, holidaymakers during Hotel Indigo can suffer roller school, a tender vegan restaurant, a coiffeur and even a yoga school. At slightest if we get stranded and all flights out of Bali are cancelled, there will be lots to do.

That said, one week on and with 120,000 people journey for a lives, Dr Mumbo wonders either Hotel Indigo and a artistic group involved, iris Singapore might have untimely things a little.

Lara Hernandez, Hotel Indigo arch blurb officer for Asia, doesn’t see it that approach though. She says: “[The campaign] is a good height that allows us a event to minister definitely to a community, by ancillary and giving behind to a neighbours.”

Will Hernandez be charity a journey villagers bedrooms during Hotel Indigo, Dr Mumbo wonders. He’s certain they could substantially do with some tender vegan cuisine and yoga therapy during this indicate in time.


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