Langham Hospitality Group: What we need to know


Langham Hospitality Group traces a origins behind some-more than a century to 1865, with a opening of The Langham, London. While a iconic skill still operates, Langham is now headquartered in Hong Kong as a liberality arm of Great Eagle Holdings. 


There are dual categorical brands in a Langham portfolio. The initial includes those that work underneath a Langham Hotels and Resorts code – typically underneath “The Langham” or “Langham Place” monikers.

The second, newer, code is Cordis, that came into being in ­­2015 with a rebranding of a company’s Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong hotel. Compared to a group’s flagship brand, Cordis is some-more privately focused on business travellers and while it is not utterly as oppulance as a counterpart, it is positively still high end.

Langham Hospitality Group also manages dual Eaton code hotels – in Washington DC and Hong Kong – and a Chelsea hotel in Toronto. 


Langham’s portfolio now comprises 20 hotels opposite a Langham Hotels and Resorts and Cordis brands, along with a Eaton and Chelsea hotels.

Key markets

Asia-Pacific is a group’s primary region, with Greater China encompassing 11 of a now open properties and countless some-more in a pipeline. North America, however, is also a important marketplace for a company, with 4 US properties already open, and a Middle East – yet now carrying no handling hotels – is set to get 3 in 2020.

Loyalty programme

There are dual categorical faithfulness schemes underneath a Langham Hospitality Group Umbrella – 1865 and Langham Supper Club.

The former covers a categorical status-earning side of a business, with 4 tiers descending from Explorer to Gateway, Voyager and Destiny. Gateway members get 3 stays, or 9 room nights, per calendar year, while Voyager members get 5 stays, or 15 room nights, per year. The top Destiny tier, meanwhile, is by invitation only.

Members accept nominal in-room wifi, press reader access, demonstrate check-in and check-out, and late check-out services, as good as miles accrual to a elite frequent-flyer programme (details of miles accrual for any airline’s frequent-flyer programme can be noticed here).

Langham Supper Club, meanwhile, facilities bonus offerings on FB, entertainment, sauna treatments and hotel stays.

Future plans

Langham’s growth tube is expansive, with some 30 projects opposite a creation now in a reliable or in-development stage.

Among these are conversions of properties before underneath a flagship Langham Hotels and Resorts code to new Cordis properties, many like a group’s initial Cordis hotel in Hong Kong. In Asia-Pacific, this particularly includes a new Cordis, Auckland – before The Langham Auckland – that is set to open a doors on Nov 1 this year.

The code is also going to make a Indonesia entrance in 2018 with a new Bali hotel, along with removing a second and third mainland Chinese hotels in 2019 (following a opening of a Cordis, Shanghai, Hongqiao progressing this year in May). These will be located in Shanghai’s East Bund area and Hangzhou, a city located nearby Shanghai.

Despite these developments in a new Cordis brand, though, a infancy of Langham’s growth tube involves a flagship brand. So distant about a dozen of these have been strictly announced, including 7 in Asia-Pacific, 3 in a Middle East and dual in a US, all of that are scheduled to open their doors between 2018 and 2021.

While many of these are in mainland China – Chongqing, Changsha, Hefei and Dalian – others will symbol nation debuts in Asia-Pacific. Indonesia will be removing a initial hotel in a form of The Langham, Jakarta in 2019 followed shortly after by Langham Place, Pandava Beach, Bali in 2020, while Cambodia and Japan will get their initial Langham-brand properties in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

What is maybe many notable, however, is that Europe – a home of a initial ever Langham hotel – now doesn’t have any new reliable Langham- or Cordis-brand hotels in a pipeline.

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