Lakey Peterson Wins in Bali, Takes Over No. 1 Ranking on World Surfing Tour

Santa Barbara’s Lakey Peterson won her second World Surf League Championship Tour eventuality of a deteriorate and took over a universe No. 1 ranking.

Peterson degraded reigning two-time debate champion Tyler Wright of Australia to constraint a Corona Bali Protected during Keramas on Bali’s easterly seashore on Sunday. 

It was a initial women’s Championship Tour eventuality in Bali, and Peterson’s feat vaulted her into initial place on a universe rankings list forward over Stephanie Gilmore (35,630 points to 34,235).

“I’m over a moon,” Peterson told reporters after her 14.33 to 13.74 win one Wright. “This is only so crazy. Seeing Steph win in Brazil unequivocally illuminated a glow in me, and we came here and knew what we had to do. I’ve only been gripping ease all week. This is a unequivocally prolonged year, so it’s been fun to be a partial of it so far.

“To have a Final opposite Tyler was cool. She’s been surfing so good and when she took off on that final wave, we was so shaken and didn’t know if she’d get a score. In a finish it worked out for me. That chair adult a beach was so cool. There are people dancing everywhere. This is crazy.”

Peterson was treated like kingship after winning a title. She was given a climax and carried along a beach in a rite chair.

It’s Peterson’s second pretension in 4 finished CT events this season. She also won a Bells Beach in Australia.

“Getting a Jeep Leader Jersey behind is amazing,” Peterson said. “We are all here to have that on a back. we had it for a brief second during Bells, afterwards Steph has had it since, so it is good to get it behind from her and feel like a movement is still with me.

“Everyone is surfing so good that it won’t be easy to keep. we only wish to play my possess diversion and roughly act like I’m entrance from behind still. we only wish to suffer each moment. I’d adore to appreciate my fiance, my silent and my family for everything. It’s been a crazy few years and it feels like this year all is entrance together.”

Peterson got off to a good start in a final, scoring 8.33 on a call to burst into a lead.

“I’ve been examination Lakey all week and we knew she would be tough to beat,” Wright told reporters. “She got that 8.33 early in a final and a waves slowed down and we couldn’t locate her.”

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