Kubu Beach Club opens during Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana invites guest to step behind to a some-more country time in Bali’s mythological holiday lifestyle, with a opening of their new 1960’s Kuta-styled beach club. 

Located on one of Bali’s final remaining dark white silt beach coves, and permitted around Ayana’s 90-hectare estate, Kubu Beach Club’s autarchic environment showcases aquamarine waters, thespian limestone cliffs and unique Balinese architecture.

The plcae is desirous by island elements such as shell, wood, bamboo, mill and normal rooftops done with “lontar” leafs, identical to a island’s classical palm leaf.

The normal wooden bar is surrounded by classical memorabilia, while a dried-corn, coconut baskets, and sea shells emanate jaunty décor.

No good beach bar is finish but object loungers, and Kubu Beach Club goes one step serve by charity guest Ocean confronting cabanas and day beds.


These must-stop paradise-spots are a ultimate place to soak adult a sun, relax with a cocktail or suffer a truly authentic Kuta character massage regulating healthy coconut oil.

The inside preview into a golden age of Kuta’s ended epoch also means guest can suffer hair-braiding services, or select a fun proxy tattoo. 

Designed to be a categorical captivate for beachfront relaxing dining, Kubu Beach Club is accessible exclusively to in-house guest of Ayana Resort Spa, Bali, Rimba Jimbaran Bali by Ayan and The Villas during Ayana.

To accompany a normal design, a kitchen serves adult an heterogeneous operation of elementary general dishes and internal comfort food. Menu equipment operation from robust favourites such as limp ceviche and colourless bun cheese burger, to normal Balinese dishes including signature rice plates.

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