Kite Festival Awes Tourists on Bali’s Padanggalak Beach

“The foe was meant to uncover a people’s creativity, while preserving a traditions as a approach to face tellurian challenges. It is also an captivate for unfamiliar tourists,” she added.

Ni Putu G. Gayatri, conduct of a Tourism Ministry’s manmade tourism division, combined that a festival was hold in team-work with a Indonesian Kite Association (Pelangi) with a reliable series of 1,000 kites carrying been on display.

“The normal kites in Bali are enormous and have been grown over many years. […] The kites’ tails competence be adult to 150 meters long,” Gayatri said.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya lauded a success of festival, that coincided with a rise tourism deteriorate on a island.

“The impulse is fit for a kite competition, as it will be seen by tourists, that will also have a certain impact on a tellurian scale. After a event, they will remember Bali for a kites, that competence prompt them to lapse [for a destiny visit],” Arief said.

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