Khiri Travel Introduces Three Options for Trips in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Published on Monday, May 21, 2018

Elaborate wake ceremonies a hallmark of internal culture

Khiri Travel Indonesia has launched 3 innovative options for exploring a Sulawesi archipelago in Indonesia formed on accessible time. 

There’s one-week south Sulawesi only. For adult to dual weeks there’s south Sulawesi with executive or northern areas added. And there is a three-week or some-more choice exploring all 3 regions.

Each choice can be customized and has been designed for a tour seeker who wants to get off a beaten lane though keep gentle lodgings and transport, peculiarity meals, and in-depth informative insights from internal Khiri guides. 

“The Sulawesi knowledge is a universe within a universe in Indonesia,” says Herman Hoven, a General Manager of Khiri Travel Indonesia. “In many places there are really few tourists. Our guest tell us they feel a genuine clarity of find in Sulawesi.”

After exploring a collateral Makassar, a one-week south Sulawesi outing focuses on a Toraja Highlands with a fabulous enlightenment and elaborate wake ceremonies. The tour includes riverboat trips, timberland hiking, and some cycling. On a lapse leg, a moody between Palopo (near Toraja) and Makassar takes usually an hour.

The two-week choice continues from Toraja to executive Sulawesi’s Post Lake, Tentana, waterfalls, a internal homestay and a puzzling and still unexplained Bada (Napu) Valley megalithic site, that was usually detected by a outward universe in 1908.

A outing to a Togean Islands to see a internal Bajo people, who live in stilt houses during sea, and to learn tip beaches and a lake full of preserve fish, can be extrinsic instead of — or as good as — a Bada Valley.

Hoven says north Sulawesi, by contrast, offers a large inlet knowledge with world-class snorkeling and diving sites in Bunaken, a expostulate and travel to a tip of a Mahawu volcano, a travel beside a colored sulphur lake, and an immersive sleet timberland tour in Tangkoko inhabitant park, home to a tarsier, a smallest monkey in a world.

Khiri Travel non-stop a Sulawesi bureau in Makassar in Jan to continue enlargement of a DMC services opposite a Indonesian archipelago. International aviation hubs such as Singapore, Jakarta and Bali offer approach flights to Makassar, putting Sulawesi within easy strech for mainstream tourists in Southeast Asia.

Hoven says a 3 Sulawesi options from Khiri are designed to be modular. They can be finished alone or in any multiple or method to fit in with traveller needs.

Apart from Makassar in Sulawesi, Khiri Travel Indonesia now has operational offices in Lombok, Bali, Labuan Bajo (Flores), and Yogyakarta (Java).

For serve information and a map of Sulawesi regions click here. Or call Khiri Travel’s Sulawesi office: (+62) 811 413 1711. Email: has serve insights and options for Sulawesi and over in Indonesia.


Toroja landscape of Sulawesi



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