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Sure, room use is great. But everybody knows a many authentic approach to transport is to stay like a internal — and Kendall Jenner is no exception.

“Staying in hotels is apparently so nice,” a 21-year-old indication writes in a new post on her app. “But we adore staying in a home when I’m roving since we get a improved vibe of a location.”

Her knowledge posting adult in a posh Turks and Caicos Airbnb for small sister Kylie’s 19th birthday was a let game-changer for Jenner (and we can’t censure her — have we seen the views?). “It really creates me feel some-more like a local,” she explains of her preference.

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Jenner has gathered a list of houses, she says, “I have my eye on” for destiny glam getaways. Here, a few of her favorites we competence wish to bookmark for yourself:

1. Bamboo House in Bali, starting during $299 per night;


“This all-bamboo residence in a center of a jungle of Bali looks extraordinary and super relaxing,” she says. “It’s located right on a river, so we truly get to be one with inlet (there are no screened windows!).”

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2. Heritage Castle in Jaipur, starting during $114 per night;


“[It’s] true out of a angel tale,” says Jenner. “It totally reminds me of my outing to India.”

3. Los Cabos Modern in Mexico, starting during $400 per night;


“I really wouldn’t mind staying in this beautiful home in Baja, Mexico. we adore a minimal pattern and how it mixes a indoors with a outdoors.”

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4. The Houdini House in Hollywood, starting during $1,000 per night;


“The Houdini House, owned by a famous wizard Harry Houdini, would be a ideal place to staycation or chuck a many extraordinary party,” she says. “According to a description, a residence still has caves, dark tunnels, terraced gardens and a deep-water tank where Harry Houdini reportedly used his underwater escapes.”

5. Off-grid itHouse, starting during $349 per night;



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“Located only outward of Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, a Off-grid itHouse in Pioneertown is so cool,” Jenner explains. “It’s wholly powered by solar and blends into a dried landscape in a coolest way.”

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