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Ah, what could have been. Photo: Oakley/Hennings

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This can’t have been a deteriorate Kelly Slater imagined. Having cold from each competition so distant this year, Slater has now strictly cold from Keramas – as reliable by WSL’s Fantasy Surfing (see below), and WSL VP of Brand Identity Dave Prodan who put it, “[Kelly’s] out, Barron Mamiya in.”

Back in March, after Snapper though before Bells, Kelly explained to us that he wasn’t going to contest unless he was where he wanted to be. “I’d rather take some time, get myself in a figure we wish and surfing super tuned before feeling ready,” he said.

Two months later, he hasn’t competed in a singular CT event. Curious, of course, since he helmed Team USA during a initial Founders’ Cup and seemed (at slightest in this author’s common opinion) to be in fighting shape.

It’s unfit to speak about a feet damage that keeps on giving though also speculating if a damage will be a reason Kelly Slater eventually retires. Kelly came on a stage like a lion, though during this rate is on lane to go out like a lamb – an inconsistent finish to any champion surfer’s career, most reduction a biggest of all time.

Fans of all shades competence be wondering if Kelly’s call pool is adequate to drag him out to roller a heat, would not have his dear Fiji if it hadn’t gotten cut from a debate schedule? Who knows.

As for a residue of a year, it seems doubtful Kelly will find a jubilant lapse during J-Bay, a really place obliged for his deformed leg in a initial place. That leaves Tahiti, a initial Surf Ranch Open, et. al.

If we had to put income on it, I’d gamble Kelly will uncover adult during Lemoore, take a W, and announce his retirement on a lectern corroborated by his possess creation. Not a universe title, though elegant nonetheless, no?



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